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an edit of one of my faves, she deserves better than this crusty thing

"You can never tell what people will do huh?"
After keeping it for much longer than most, I have finally deleted Pokémon Go. Im surprised I let it go.
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's review
↪ Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
↪ Action, School, Shounen
↪ 5/10
For me, Busou Shoujo is an average anime. The school was mostly ruled by five sword girls and filled with girls. None of them are boys. If there's a boy in that school, the boy has to become a girl, starting with their appearance until character. Since Nomura's arrival, who always broke all of the rules, he has to encounter the five sword girls, one by one.
Fanservice and Harem? Don't worry, you'll find it here, too. When Nomura defeated each one of them by using his "Magic Bullet", they would mostly tutoring and fell in love with Nomura.
Do I like it? At first, I like it so much because it really amazed me about Nomura. What makes me really bored is the Magic Bullet. At the past, Nomura learned a lot of tactics but he only using ONE POWER at every battle? That's ridiculous.
They also didn't tell the details about the main character. All they cared is here's our battle and the end. True they had some stories about Nomura, Rin, and Amou, but how about the rest?
It seemed that the creator was a little bit confused of their story becuase the ending was a little bit weird. At the ending part, the dead became alive, the blind became normal, serious fighting became joy of fighting, and much more. The setting was boring because mostly they only played in their school.
If we looked at the positive, the opening and ending music were good and fit with the anime. The action was kinda fun, especially the martial arts. This is the only reason why I like this anime. -
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Nomura you should have just let Amou smash smh
Song: Courtesy Call
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