• Morning is the best of all times in the garden. Sweet vapors rise from the earth. Night dew clings to the soil and makes plants glisten. Birds call to one another. Bees are already at work •

Сейчас пойду с инспекцией в новую квартиру. Боязно - что-то мастера притихли, денег не просят... это плохой знак - всегда есть опасность, что они по-тихому свалили на другой срочный и денежный проект) но цербера к ним не приставишь (у меня нет в наличии).
Доброе утро)
.p.s. Поставлю-ка фото повеселее
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Even the smallest change can make the biggest difference.


If you could morph into an animal, would you? If so, what would that animal be? Change is in the air lately. The seasons are shifting, I am entering a new page in my work chapter, and my little ones are growing so fast. It can be a bit nerve wracking, but it can also be beautiful. I’m forever in awe of the fact that a butterfly starts out as a mere caterpillar and morphs into a something so beautiful. Maybe change isn’t as scary as it seems. (Dress by the wonderful @papallouny. I have been working on a project with this beautiful company the past few weeks, and it has been an incredible experience. I love when that happens!)
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Just a little thank you from me. Perhaps a little overdue. Setting up and running a business can be not only hard work but quite a test on your self belief. It seems many are feeling wobbly at the moment. Days come and go where you question if it’s the right thing, if you’re the right one for the job, if you’re missing too many moments with your family. Sales fluctuate based on a plethora of things, and as the market here on Instagram grows it’s a constant requirement to be at your A game all the time. .
I’ve had to consciously make an effort to change a few things to ensure amongst all that I don’t miss things, like Freddie growing up. And like all the things I preach to be so important. A quiet moment each day. An afternoon without my phone, away from emails and calls and the ever moving world that is social media. It’s a work in progress some days, don’t be fooled by the illusion I have things nailed. .
What this can do, is affect sales. What enables me to have the odd day off being at the top of my game, is you guys stepping in for me. A photo, an Instagram story, a message to say you showed everyone at the office your journal. It creates a little flurry of sales and that supports me in trying to achieve balance between work and family. I want you to know I never take it for granted from anyone, and for all the negativity over gifting on this platform, it was and still is supportive influencers who shout out about the journals that got me seen in the first place. (Tagged- could only tag 20)
I heard a statistic on the @hollytucker podcast that the mum economy in 2014 was worth over £7 billion supporting around 200,000 jobs with an estimated £9.5 billion generated by 2025. I was really impressed by that! Mums are smashing it! But just like anyone, we have a dream with a plan; the goal being to create something meaningful whilst supporting our families through what we do. Isn’t that what we all want essentially? To do and provide the best for those we love? So thank you. Seriously, thank you. And a massive high five to all the other people out there working on something they’ve created too. We’ve got this.... sometimes ✌️😘✨ #MumBoss #SmallBusinessSaturday

Gloom. 🍂 I understand the feeling of sadness and even depression this time of year can bring. I’ve surely felt it before, and it’s made difficult many winters in the past. Although, I believe this season of our lives is a time for beating the darkness, for draping everything in lights, for tasting the richness of foods, the best of all the sweets. If you’re feeling as though your drowning in the darkness of the season, talk to someone. Drape your room with warm light (Christmas lights, candles, wax warmers, diffusers, salt lamps, etc.) Drink hot chocolate, thrift for cozy knits, take a walk and let the cold wake up your skin and fill your lungs with freshness, jump in a hot bath, dance to something that makes you feel good, and eat well (cold little oranges are the best 🍊). Sometimes you cannot control feeling depressed this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it a little brighter. Stay well, my loves. 🍂
———————————————————————————Although I love the cheerful nature of the season, have found such beauty in melancholy and darkness as well. I’ve found a strong affection for the dark afternoons full of chilly mist, grey, slate clouds rolling across the sky like wild kings, shadows lingering like goblins, a little drizzles brewing snow and rain. I’ve found it helpful to imagine or imbue my mind with a feeling like I live in the moorlands of England- one of most gorgeous places I’ve ever ever visited. This time of year reminds of that special place as well as films set there such as Wuthering Heights or the Secret Garden. If you haven’t seen them I’d definitely recommend them both if you want that moody sort of vibes also in your life! Both the light and the dark side of the time of year are beautiful in their own way. 🌬

Who decided that flowers are girly? My four year old son gifts me at least 3 little bouquets a day, and always with so much excitement to share his deep love for flowers. I was also lucky enough to grow up having a Dad who loves flowers and didn't shy away from showing it. He'd often make dried floral arrangements with exotic grasses as well as the most amazing fresh flower bouquets for special occasions. It's something I grew up taking for granted (especially in a family full of girls). It makes me curious about the historical relationships people have had with flowers, and if the association of flowers with femininity is a fairly modern concept? Can anyone share some light on the topic? Do you think flowers are girly or universal?

Market morning love ☕

This time last week, we were settling into this lil retro beauty on Black Rock Mountain. We had such a lovely time! If you’re interested in how we took this thing from 80s to today, our remodel video is over on the blog. ⛰🍁

In the past few years I was gradually becoming an empty shell, too broken, too damaged - useless burden, a problem. I don't understand suffering. I don't understand illness. I don't know why everything came crushing down, how did it happen that I lost everything and I'm small, weak and naked like a newborn, alone and hopeless. But I know that at the moment this picture was taken (by me of course) my heart was full of light and air. I was home. I was calm. Miserable but calm. And there was only me but that was enough.

I spent most of the day in front of my computer screen, so when I couldn’t stand it any longer I put on real pants and went to buy flowers. I grabbed a few thanksgiving-y looking blooms, and came home to craft this bouquet. Idk about you, but making floral arrangements is so therapeutic to me. 🌿⠀

Also, now I have something to bring to my fam’s for Thanksgiving dinner besides vegan food that everyone LOVES 😂🤪. ⠀

p.s.— I purchased a long cedar rope, and I’m hoping I can ROPE 😉😎 Steve into helping me hang it over the front door the moment thanksgiving ends. Should go well.

Happy Friday, friends! Sending you this virtual bouquet today. ✨ #thatfridayfeeling #dsfloral #WHPcommunity

Is there something that shot your heart through with pure joy today? :
Here’s mine. This photo of Shalom doing the color gradation work at Dandelion Montessori.
I love everything about it. :
What lit your heart up today?

We managed to visit the beautiful Château de Versailles whilst in Paris. I have a little obsession with French princesses so to visit again was a dream. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Whilst exploring the palace I completely fell in love with the Hameau de la Reine, a small hamlet Louis XVI built in the grounds of Versailles for Marie Antoinette. Designed for her to have a more intimate space away from the people and saloons of the main palace. Here she could feel as if she was surrounded by countryside with her friends and family. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I could and would stay in this little village forever. If you are planning on visiting Paris anytime soon, definitely take a trip out to Versailles even just for this. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I snapped this shot a couple days ago on a cool fall walk. I remember how the crisp air jolted my nose and lungs as I left the house. It struck me how rarely cognizant I am of that fundamental activity, of that one ever-present internal and external activity that unifies my entire life: breathing. Ever since that day, when I tore open my lungs with the cry of life, my breath, like a faithful companion, has accompanied me. Like the waves of the ocean sometimes it has been troubled, strained, stormy. Other times it is the calm lapping upon the shores of life in a contemplative moment. Regardless, countless times a day, I draw in that spark which ignites the fiery processes within and renews the whole process of life for another few fragile seconds. Perhaps it is startling to think, that we are all only one breath away from leaving this world. But the same fact can also anchor us, and make us more attentive to the only place where life happens: here and now, as we breathe in and out. It can teach us to breathe in the hidden, humble beauty which is all around us at any given moment, the kind of respiration that gives life to the soul more so than the body.•

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it’s a razor scooter to the ankle kind of week

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