A late #wetchickenwednesday 🚿

Help, my birb is broken.

I woke up like this 💁‍♀️

Dr. Ami wants to remind you all to take your cough medicine! And don’t forget to flirt with the bottle a little, too. 🙈

Mommy’s been sick with a cold all week, so Ami’s reminding her to drink her cough syrup! (And also flirting with the bottle of course.)

When the scritches are that good.

Someone’s a happy birdy!

The face of someone who didn’t want to shower 🙈

Oh shit, Ami’s about to drop the hottest new death metal album of 2018. (Concept and art by @jeremy_o_ryan) 🤘

“Ami, the death bringer” ☠️☠️☠️

“Skills include being a handsome boi, being chubby, and flirting with myself.”

Ami’s favorite song: The Andy Griffith theme on repeat. 🎵

A happy wet chicken 🐔

Enjoying my morning tea!


A happy boi


Henlo frens

He do a tap tap tap tap tap tap

Ami would like to remind everyone to take time to smell the flowers this weekend! 🌸🌼🌺

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