Spring Client Update:
Evan Wander (@evan_wander )
NPC Mike Francois & NPC NorthCoast Championships
13 week prep
1st place Mike Francois, 2nd place NorthCoast Championships

WHEN YOU’RE DOWN, REMEMBER - THE ONLY PLACE YOU HAVE TO GO IS UP FROM THERE!! ——————————————————————————— Everyone feels down sometimes, but that means we can only go up from there! ——————————————————————————— Practice this: always think of the positive in every situation, even if it’s hard! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #amirmarandi #amirmarandiphotography #fit #fitness #npc #npcbikini #npcbikinicompetitor #girlswholift #muscle #bodybuilding

Spring Client Update:
Stacy Lucas
1st time competitor
NPC Northcoast Championships
34 week transformation (16 week prep)
6th place/26 in open class, 5th place collegiate class

Cheers to chasing those Monday blues away 🏵

Summertime vibes ☀️✌🏼 #amirmarandi

Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it brought you.
Be thankful for getting lost a few times.
If it weren’t for getting lost, you wouldn’t have found yourself.
I’ve gotta say, I truly hope everyone gets to feel that feeling.
Finding yourself. Truly.
Knowing what makes your heart smile, and never settling for less ❤️

The official NPC News On Line photos are up at: http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2018/npc_natural_ohio/ for this past weekend's MARCH 31st, 2018 "Granite Supplements" NPC NATURAL OHIO (open) CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO held at the Cleveland Public Auditorium!! Check out all these rising stars and I want to THANK YOU EVERYONE who competed hoping to see you again and many other's THIS FALL at my upcoming OCTOBER 13th, 2018 "Granite Supplements" NPC NATURAL NORTHERN USA CHAMPIONSHIPS & EXPO in Cleveland, Ohio!
Entry, Tickets & Info at: www.davelibermancom!
BIG THANK YOU to official contest photographer, AMIR MARANDI and of course, J.M. MANION!!! #daveliberman #professionalphotographer #jmmanion #amirmarandi #npcnaturalohio #naturalohio #npcnaturalnorthernusa #npcnaturalcleveland #bodybuilding #bikini #bikinicompetitor #figurecompetitor #mensphysique #classicphysique #womensphysique #fitness #cleveland #npcnewsonline #shawnrhoden #awesomecontest

Another great picture by #AmirMarandi @rock_vault Come see us on our 1 year anniversary at the #HardRockHotel @paulshortino @andrufreeman @robin_mc_auley @douglasaldrichguitar

Female empowerment means looking at being a woman as a strength not a weakness, because let’s be honest, we’re pretty damn strong 💪🏼🤩 #strongwomen #merica 📸 #amirmarandi

A little motivation for this snow day ❄️🔥 #amirmarandi #beautyfit

I hope you know you are beautiful. Not because someone said it, but because you feel it deep in your bones.
I hope you know you’re beautiful, not for the numbers on the scale, but for the number of times you made someone feel alive.
I hope you know you’re beautiful not for the way your skin looks, but for the way you feel in it—Comfortable, confident and absolute.
I hope you know you’re beautiful not just because of your body, because of your mind, your thoughts, because of your soul.
In a world where we emphasize the outside, please don’t ever lose sight of what’s in.
You are beautiful beyond the surface. You radiate light from the inside out— the kind of beauty that makes life beautiful for others.
Bold soul. Fierce heart. Strong mind.
You’re everything all at once. The world needs more beauty like you❤️ Photo by #amirmarandi

Body By Big Mike @ifbbpromikeely
Suit by @suitsbyceleste
Posing by @andybartolovich
Tan/touchups by @ifbbpromikeely And @ifionlybradabrain
Hair/makeup by @mariajeancola And @leenee7788
Photo creds @amirmarandi85
This would not have been possible without everyone who pushed me and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and play in the WPD pool!
1st Place Open Figure C
1st Place Open Women’s Physique A
Overall Open Figure Champion
Overall Open Women’s Physique Champion

Figure is where my heart is but my body will tell me where it wants to be. Until then we grind harder!
#midatlanticgrandprix2017 #panthersportsnutrition #teambigmike #amirmarandi #suitsbyceleste #npcfigure #npcwomensphysique #roadtopro #youwinoryoulearn #bodybuilding #motivation #workharder #kenzpossible #smallbutmighty #figure5four #iwillnotbeoutworked #genetics #passion #drive #ironwill #grit #unicorngirl #ifbb #npc #proveyourself #bestversionofme #nextlevel #becomegreat

Happy Hump Day & HELLO NOVEMBER!! 🙌🏼 On to a new month, with new goals and new visions! Let’s make it a good one!! 📸#AmirMarandi

When life throws you curves, rock em! Have a great week y’all! 🖤 📸 #amirmarandi

There are some of us women who have put "focusing on ourselves" at the top of our to do list. It's not because we're bitter or angry, it's because for some of us turning our dreams in to living reality is important. Learning how to be comfortable standing on our own two feet is important. Setting goals and reaching those goals is important. Creating an identity for ourselves, and being who we want in this world without having to check with anyone else to see if "it's ok" with them first is important. #bossbabe Photo by #AmirMarandi

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