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We have a few seats left and less than 30 days until the event! Stepping into Position is about overcoming the odds that are stacked against, defeating fears and taking back everything that was stolen from you in that relationship, childhood pain, divorce, the job loss or whatever situation that gripped your heart with pain, stole your confidence or hindered you from success! This is the ONLY event where REAL women with REAL issues find REAL solutions! It's Real, Raw & Relatable! Sisterhood! Unity! No judgment zone! A WHOLE LOT OF GOD, Power and Anointing! Register steppingintopositiontour.eventbrite.com #amileinmyshoes #steppingintoposition

Here's to 4 years of nothing but growth & development in our presentation. Thanks for helping me hold it down ✊🏽💙 #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen #TIARARetreat #AMileInMyShoes #MotivationalSpeaking

The end of my pdx carpet experience. Been fun portland. Til next time. #pdxcarpet #portland #portlandoregon #travel #amileinmyshoes

Thank you, Skye Windbank, for teaching me about forgiveness today 💛 @empathymuseum #amileinmyshoes #beingthestory @sounddelivery

Maybe I will. Maybe I will write something about this. Writing has always been cathartic. Back at one point in my life writing was all I had. Then the business was not so fun so, that was all. Maybe. I'll use cathartic. Has a better ring to it than narcissistic.

I lean towards IG as FB is well, politics and a tough place to visit now. Maybe it's because I can hide better on IG in the cool pictures of people doing cool stuff. But hell.
There's a Garden State or Elizabethtown here. The remains of my mother sit next to me on the shuttle from the parking lot at lax to the terminal. Every time the bus turns or stops, I jerk and grab the bag. I mean, what if this thing went over? What if I forget the bag? What if ... Everything about this is bizarre. And sucks. The smell of body odor and weed coming off the man across from me. The guy with the guitar case and one arm. The brightly lit bus. Like a fish tank on wheels floating through dark traffic. The insane amount of time to takes to go 3 miles in LAX traffic. Her she sits.
Cross country trip with the remains of your mother. Try it sometime. It's a bucket list of bizarre things to do.
I wonder.
I wonder if there's anything. I wonder if she's even here. When my brother Frank died a little chick a dee bird would come to the window at my parents house. Tap tap tap with his little beak. Then flitter off to a nearby bush and return later. Tap tap tap. I read that birds visiting is your deceased one letting you know they are ok. Maybe I made that up, hard to say. Today while I was walking around in a fog dreading this night, pow, a bird hits the window and flies off. Pow. Rattled the window. Poor guy hit it hard, but never missed a beat and was gone quickly as he came across the tile roofs of the new neighborhood.
If it was her, she needs to practice her entries. #life #amileinmyshoes


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Don't forget to look up. #newyork #nyc #amileinmyshoes

A coach told me early this season that high heels are pretty nuclear for a runner's feet. Gasp! I couldn't imagine the fashion faux pas of wearing flats with my work wardrobe! Ironically, my metatarsal stress fracture reared its head a couple of days later. That's not to say 👠 caused it but walking on 3 inch heels for a full day was an additional layer of stress that didn't help. My bone is finally stitched together now and holding up so far to the slow build run schedule. I'm embracing the new look and on a mission to find stylish work appropriate and foot-friendly shoes.
Please share if you have any you love.
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David, 49. The London Cabbie with a feel-good love story ❤️ #shoes #amileinmyshoes #london #shoreditch

Although I had been thinking about this walk from late 2014, I didn’t actually think it was a possibility until last year when I read Deanna Sorenson’s book “Going the Distance” about her 5000km walk across Australia. Deanna has been kind enough to share a few thoughts on her journey with me in my latest post on the website, so please give it a read! Link to post in Bio.
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Congratulations once again @karolkares for another successful event to help make a difference in the lives of others...in this case college students. And for landing in the paper, having the Mayor (amongst others) come out and support, etc.
And on this fantabulous Friday, I couldn't help but think about how much better my experiences are when I make sure my ego doesn't come along for the ride...or is checked at the door. How about you? :)
Especially as I flashback to around 2002, when I first began to gain more and more awareness about ingredients and how some were even linked to things like depression.
And while embarrassed to admit it, I quickly became self-righteous, despite my good intentions, as I wondered why everyone wasn't making healthier choices.
Then, life happened and much like the college students that Karol is working to help...I was humbled and quickly came to understand that sometimes it's easier said than done. And its in that space that people need compassion and love more than a condescending comment or judgement.
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You'd understand my choices if you knew my reasons.
#amileinmyshoes (I'm not a sneaker person, but I love these! So sad I can't wear them to school!) 👟
Shoes from: @woolworths_sa

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