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I’m so mad at this. When will it end? This is also a reminder that fucked up shit happens right in your backyard. Sacramento, really? The hell? I thought we’re in California “different” and “progressive”. There are no excuses for this. They shot him 20 times. If you’re so afraid of your life from one person that you “think” has a gun you should reconsider your career. Fuck these scaredy ass police, That are SUPPOSED to serve and protect, but over abuse their powers. What really irks me, is we already know how this goes down if it’s a white person vs. person of color. #fuckthepolice #ftp #blacklivesmatter #gonetoosoon #americathefree #americathebrave #damnshame

It always upsets me seeing videos surface online of hateful speech and the things people say just because they look different than them. Learning about other cultures and customs is one of the coolest things about this world. •
I think people need to feel loved and free more than ever. We can all play a part in that and be inclusive and love others.

This is the real way to honor those lost in Florida. #walkupnotout #standuptobullies #secondamendment #2ndamendment #americathefree

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A little Morocco 🇲🇦 in New Mexico #darsalam #inchalah #wanderlove #americathefree

Jury summons yesterday was definitely a great experience. Since my name hasn't been legally changed yet, I answered to my legal name while in court. I was asked to step up to the bench and addressed as Ashton (not sure how they knew but that was okay.) I was asked if I prefer to be called Ashton and I said yes, and clarified I identify with male pronouns and told this to the judge, the state AG and the defense and didn't get a strange look from anyone. I forgot to grab my note stating that I was there, so went to pick it up today and they put Ashton on the note. It may not seem like a big deal, but I feel so validated. It's hard some days like when I have to go to the bank where they only refer to you by legal name, so to have the court system recognize me in such a way is such a great feeling.

#trans #translife #transcommunity #transvalidation #transguys #transwins #validated #juryduty #americathefree

Hard drugs have always been illegal. Is that stopping anyone? #mysecondamendment #americathefree

I want to talk a minute about guns and gun control. I support the NRA and I very much support the 2nd amendment. I’ve owned every type of firearm and while my main interests lie in the sporting, hunting and home protection areas I see the fun in the AR platform. I’ve never had any use for the AR and while I support the Americans who do, I think that the AR and rifles like it, will be the way of the Do Do Bird sooner rather than later. It’s the big bad wolf! It’s the boogie man and the closet monster and every other scary thing and more and more people are going to end up siding with the liberals and it will go. If assault rifles were to be banned would I lose sleep? No, but my problem with this is two fold. First, where does it stop? First it’s the AR. Then it’s the high cap semi auto pistols then self defense shotguns etc etc until we are left with hunting shotguns and hunting rifles. I don’t think we will ever get rid of them as our country has a proud outdoor heritage. I could be wrong, but I think guns associated with hunting will survive but all the rest will go. Secondly, I feel that the government truly wants the banishment of all guns. I’m convinced that the federal government would be happy if all guns were banished from our country. Why? It’s all about power. The Feds aren’t stupid. They know that as long as we have guns we are basically free. They know that if we really wanted to we could rise up and take back our government. Yes yes the military and the police but how many of them would stand up against the masses trying to stop a tyrannical government? How many would walk away and join the masses? Who knows! The Feds know this and as long as we are free (have guns) they know that there is a line in the sand. An unarmed man is not a citizen , he’s a subject! So while I don’t have a need for the “assault rifle”, I do support the people who do. #nra #concealcarry #hunting #2ndamendment #progun #righttocarry #americathefree #proudgunowner

this post wasn’t intended to offend anyone, however if you feel differently dm me i’ll take it down; i’ve been seeing, and hearing a large amount of contention and arguments about the rally today... this is a sensitive topic, we all have our own opinions on what needs to be done. our world is full of different morals and perspectives, that means it’s okay to have a different opinion than someone else. God bless america that we CAN HAVE different opinions! many countries in our beautiful world don’t have the freedoms we do. we all sympathize with those affected and know this awful act is wrong. respect other opinions, we all have the freedom to believe what we want, find unity in the mourning of these beautiful lives lost, and passion to do something about it. - caroline #lovenotwar #unite #weareallinthistogether #americathebeautiful #americathefree #godbless

Breaking away from cars for a little bit time to broaden my horizons getting stuck with one subject can be boring some times so I thought I'll look into landscape photography for now.
.#brooklynbridge #americanflag #moodygrams #warmtones #dumbo #manhattanbridge #underthebridge #nycphotographer #nycprimeshot #dailyprimeshots #landscapephotography #landscapehunter #americathebeautiful #americathegreat #americathefree

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