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SO amazing @georgiykot 🙌🏼🌸 #americansalon

🗽🗽NYC STORIES 🗽🗽 This models hair was in crisis... like destroyed but my little brother @asilsmsk 🖕🏼 and I along with some CAUTION TAPE 🚨💥 provided by @mustafaavci 😂 and our magic potion ✨✨ ✨✨
@brazilianbondbuilder her hair was brand new 🙌 Even I was amazed by this #beforeandafter on our model! All I can say is if you haven't tried #b3 TRY IT! Life changing. I would have never risked bleaching this model before #brazilianbondbuilder was in my life 😁
Color provide by @pulpriothair
Music: "Friends" by Justin Bieber 🎤

If I posted this as an "after" photo 📸...what would you do?
Would you hit the like button, just keep scrolling, make a nasty comment about how awful it looks, or maybe even tag a friend so you can make sure they see 👀 it? Well if you scroll long enough you'll find that this was my first after pic I ever posted to IG....
At the time I was super proud of it and excited to share it. However I didn't know much about IG. I didn't know that a caption 💭 is worth a thousand words sometimes. I didn't know how distracting the background could be. I didn't realize how important lighting 💡could be.
Since then which was just 3 short years ago I have worked nonstop to improve not only my work but also my pics and overall content and I will continue to work on it because if your ever 💯 percent satisfied then it means there is no room for growth.
I often get asked about what I use to take my pics so here's some advice....
1️⃣ I use my iPhone 📱7 plus for all my pics 📸
2️⃣ Try to use a clean background (no one wants to see all the junk at your station)
3️⃣ Lighting is crucial! Natural indirect lighting is ideal. If not a light ring will help
4️⃣ I never use flash
5️⃣ Stand your client up. Pics from the chair do not show the hair nearly as well
6️⃣ Before and afters need to be significant (long to short, dark to light, etc)
7️⃣ I never use borders or mirror images. Single clean pics are my preference although I will change it up a bit occasionally.
8️⃣ take lots and I mean lots of pics with several different poses or positions until you find the right angle. Sometimes this takes me over 100 different shots.
Don't be selfish with information but also don't feel entitled to it.
Always compliment someone before demanding information.
Make sure if your using a watermark that it's not intrusive. Anything that takes away from the hair is a distraction.
Not every picture is post worthy and that's ok 👌🏼. Only put out the type of work you want to get back. Although the swipe option is fun I find myself only looking at the first pic. Lastly don't forget to use #'s if your looking to target a certain clientele or audience. ❤️❤️❤️


Taking this Saturday to be grateful for all of our amazing customers and supporters! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
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2 months grown and still lookin hella 🔥

What a difference a little lighting can make 💜

Sassy lil cut for my awesome guest yesterday! ✂️ #lob #longbob

ViXEN :: I'm used to taking people blonde, so this was such a fun change of pace with such a dramatic result that we both are absolutely in love with. I couldn't pick just one picture 😍

s i m p l i c i t y

🌞In -----> 🌞Out
Ladies- we've all done it at some point. You know, those hair products that work with the sun to give you "natural highlights??"Our guest today wanted to neutralize the brassiness this product sometimes gives. Color correction success!🙌🏻
#xoxochateau .

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•black silk• took this lovely girl to the dark side today🌚🖤

When your client is super excited to show off her new hair, after being out of town for a few months. ❤️✂️u

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