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#AmericanProdigalTour 2.0 has come to an end. It was a fantastic time had by all. Thank you to @itsjimicravity & @theyoungescape for joining me. And thank you to all that joined us at the shows.

I’ll share with you my favorite moment from each night. Joining together singing “All My Hope Is In Jesus.”

#allmyhope #crowder #instagood #tourlife

go to our YouTube channel to check out episode 01 of our time on the #americanprodigaltour ••
more episodes coming in a quick sec. we hope you like them.

// a m e r i c a n p r o d i g a l //
It takes a team to make a tour.
@crowdermusic #americanprodigaltour

Excited to meet all you Radford students tonight!!!! Gonna be a fun night! LETS rock! #americanprodigaltour

This might be the sweetest moment of her 8 year old birthday! Thank you @crowdermusic !! #crowdermusic #davidcrowder #americanprodigaltour #swamppop

#AmericanProdigalTour 2.0
neverfade memories, via my Instagram story 💜

What a night! @crowdermusic put on an incredible show and led a wonderful time of worship here in St. Davids. Not a bad way to spend a Friday evening. More photos coming soon! 🎸 #AmericanProdigalTour @creationfest

honestly can’t wait any longer to start the next leg of the #americanprodigaltour! 📸: @troywl ••
11/2 – Sioux Center, IA
11/3 – St. Louis, MO • [SOLD OUT]
11/4 – Muncie, IN
11/5 – Houghton, NY
11/6 – Indiana, PA
11/8 – Canton, OH • [SOLD OUT]
11/9 – Mechanicsburg, PA
11/10 – Saint Davids, PA
11/11 – Grayson, KY • [SOLD OUT]
11/12 – Harrisonburg, VA • [SOLD OUT]
11/13 – Boone, NC
11/14 – Radford, VA
11/15 – Athens, GA • [SOLD OUT]
11/16 – Wise, VA • [SOLD OUT]

Day9! Muncie, Indiana. #americanprodigaltour #notDCB


go to our YouTube channel to check out episode 01 of our time on the #americanprodigaltour ••
more episodes coming in a quick sec. we hope you like them.

hey. tell us in the comments below what show you were hanging with us at on the #americanprodigaltour.

#AmericanProdigalTour 2.0
neverfade memories, via my Instagram story 💜

That's a wrap... #americanprodigaltour

That’s a wrap for #americanprodigaltour 2.0! Missing the better half of the crew here but what a group to end the year with. Now where’s my Turkey?!

dang this was fun ••

words fail to express how grateful we are for mr. @crowdermusic and the impact he’s had on our lives. a long time ago when we first decided to go for it and play live, we played a Crowder song. we never thought all those years ago that we would have the privilege of being on tour with him.
we had the best time ever on the #americanprodigaltour 2.0 + we made some of the coolest new friends along the way. we also learned a ton. thank you to everyone who made this tour everything it was. we’ll never forget it.
to all our new friends we made on the road: never stop dreaming.

One of the best worship experiences I’ve had, and definitely the best concert I’ve attended to date. Thank you @crowdermusic for such a wonderful night. It was such a blessing ❤️ #comeasyouare @crowdermusic #crowdermusic #americanprodigaltour

I remember sitting in stands like these, always dreaming of being on stage. Getting to turn that dream into a reality on the #americanprodigaltour has been surreal to say the least. I’m incredibly thankful to @crowdermusic, @itsjimicravity and the entire crew for not only taking us out, but for encouraging us in our craft and for showing us the ropes. It was such an incredible journey from day one, and I couldn’t go a single day without having to pinch myself.
Thank you Wise, VA. What a way to end the tour

The #AmericanProdigalTour 2.0...
A time to learn, to gain wisdom, to better connect with others through music & empathy, to get even closer with Jesus...
Just finished our 20th show 😍
What a TIME. Tonight was so special.
The @crowdermusic team is the real deal for sure. So genuine & authentic. We’re so grateful for them and for the way they’ve poured into us over the past month.
I’m also so grateful for my family & friends— for those who have come out to these shows to make it feel more like “home” and to be a part of such a wild ride... something above and beyond anything we could’ve dreamt up on our own.
I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity of being on such a life-giving tour with @crowdermusic + @itsjimicravity 💜
I can’t believe we get to do this.
We never know what’s next, but that’s the beauty of it.
#theyoungescape #crowder #jimicravity

McKenna Johns of The Young Escape in Northern Iowa on the American Prodigal Tour #tye #jesusmusic #christianrock #christianmusic #worshipmusic @theyoungescape @itsmckennajohns #americanprodigaltour

Last day for us on the #americanprodigaltour 2.0! I’m excited to be home after being gone for so long, but I’m gonna miss this team so much. We’ve made lifelong friends that have made this tour unforgettable. I’m gonna miss hanging out with the same awesome people every day. I’m especially gonna miss late night uno games, haha.
Watching @crowdermusic and @itsjimicravity and the amazing musicians that play with them on stage every night never gets old. Every musician on stage and every person that works so hard to make the show happen behind the scenes are so talented, humble, and kind.
I love hearing @crowdermusic sing “Come As You Are” every night. There’s a lyric that says “wanderer come home, you’re not too far.” That hits home for me in this time when my definition of home is drastically changing. Sometimes it takes a while for your soul to catch up with your body. The other night I was sitting in my bunk on the bus and I felt so far away from home. I started praying and in that moment I felt God holding me like a child, and I was home. Home is more than a house or a state. I’m learning that home is wherever you’re with the people you love. I’m realizing all over again that God is love.
Thank you to every person on this tour that has been so loving and encouraging. You guys are the real deal. We love and appreciate you guys.
📸: by the amazing @itswestcoastlos

sold out TONIGHT in VA = the final night of the #americanprodigaltour.
let’s do this ••

last night in athens, GA x
Tonight’s the final night of the #AmericanProdigalTour...
11/16 – Wise, VA • [SOLD OUT]

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