The Mill’s three best selling internet items in March were: Z-4, Z-11 and L-37. #manyhappytokes #americanmadepipes

This was the favorite kite spotted by Lorraine and Joe when they attended the Kite Festival on The National Mall in Washington DC last weekend. #manyhappytokes #americanmadepipes

The Mill’s bandsaw, which is used to trim every Mill pipe before it is sanded, was recently moved to a different part of our shop and placed in front of a window. #manyhappytokes. #americanmadepipes

The Mill’s three best selling internet items for February were: TT-9, Z-4 and L-72. #manyhappytokes. #americanmadepipes

At The Mill we are remembering Graham, who left us one year ago today. May he Rest In Peace. #manyhappytokes #americanmadepipes

In the middle of winter it feels good to remember how The Mill looks in the middle of summer. #manyhappytokes. #americanmadepipes

Beth is The Mill’s master driller. Without the holes she drills, none of our pipes would work. #manyhappytokes #americanmadepipes

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