#Matera, ‘città dei sassi’ (city of stones) in the #Basilicata region, taken in August 2016. Matera was one of those places that completely captivated me from the moment I saw the tips of the white ‘sassi’ while driving in from the highway. One of the oldest cities in the world, it still manages to appear as if it is stuck in time (it’s no wonder Mel Gibson chose to film “The Passion of the Christ” here!).

Before this day trip, I had never been to Basilicata before, so it was nice to check off one more region on the list! It’s actually been about a year and a half since I’ve been to southern Italy, and I miss it like CRAZY. Living up north seems cool and all, until you go to the south and remember what fresh air and good tomatoes taste like 🤣 Next week I’ll be back in Salerno, and I think I may shed a tear or two as soon as I step off the train...

Adora: how is this shot? 😁
Madina: You look like your posing.
Adora: Well, 😒 what did you think i was trying to do?! 😎 😆
Give me a selfie stick & my iphone x & i turn into the photoshoot queen. So i thought 🤣
Meeting 📸 @peachpleasee changed that. This woman’s pictures are always so nice and professional looking and she has the same #iphonex that i have. So I asked her give me a few tips after class by taking my pic.
This photo was a result. It does not have any filters or editing at all.
Her most emphasized advice is to find light that isnt yellow and for me to look natural. This was the best i could do, for now 🤗

Like to get to know me well?
Click over to @britabroadpod and download Episode 5 (or VI Star Wars geek 🤓 I am)
In my interview with Lewis Slade, we talk about my Rock ‘n’ Roll life in New York, how I fell in love and married @samcrockford, and our crazy expat journey from NY, to California, to Italy, and the UK.
If that isn’t enough? You can have a giggle 🤭 over my weird American / New York/ British accent!! 🇺🇸✈️ 🇮🇹 ✈️🇬🇧
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#throwbackthursday to my first visit to Florence, Italy! Oh how I miss the history, architecture and the food of Itália! Take me back!
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The places in both of these photos mean the world to me. They are snippets of my parents’ hometowns in southern Italy.

The first, taken 10 years ago, is of a small town in the hills of Salerno called Roscigno. My father was born and raised here, and—at just 20 years old—he decided to leave it all behind to pursue the American Dream in New York. He didn’t have a degree nor did he know English, but he worked hard and soon became the owner of a very successful pizzeria in the Bronx.

The second photo, taken two summers ago, shows the main church of my mother’s hometown—Domanico—in Cosenza. Her parents, my nonni, left behind their beloved Calabria in hopes of creating a better life for their children. My grandfather, with no knowledge of English, commuted by subway and was a bricklayer in Manhattan. My grandmother soon became a hairstylist and slowly learned English. They successfully raised their three girls in the Bronx and are now great-grandparents.

My latest blog post is an ode to the immigrants that made and molded the United States. The ones that knew no English but learned. The ones that still don’t know English. The ones that work tirelessly to provide for their family. The ones who were mocked and ostracized. The ones who still face bigotry and prejudice today. The ones that never forgot where they came from. The ones that have enriched our nation with their wonderful customs and traditions. THANK YOU!
-An American Immigrant Living in Italy

diaryofaduelcitizen.com ↪️ Dear USA 🇺🇸

Learning the art of sitting on the corner like the older generation of Italian men... it’s not just sitting, lots of ancient Roman and Etruscan knowledge and technique is required to do it properly.
Not just dude stuff, ancient dude stuff 😎 •

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Sitting down for some Chinese food here in Rome. Taking a break from the pizza and pasta 😅 #americaninitaly #meltingpot #prettyboy #feelingmyself #shamelessselefie

The next adventure begins in 3 short days! 🍝🍝🍝

Any must-do’s / recommendations when in Rome? Please share!

🇮🇹 Goditi il viaggio 🇺🇸 Enjoy the journey 😎 .
Listening to @garyvee for some #mondaymotivation and this is the message that stuck out to me. Whether it’s starting a business or learning a language, sometimes we need a little reminder to enjoy the process as much as the “success.” .
📷 met this cute cucciolo 🐶 (puppy) while strolling in the campi (fields) 🌿 yesterday! Made me miss my cute puppy back in the 🇺🇸 who always enjoys life! 🐶 😎

Fun day with fun people. Don’t we have work tomorrow?? #italia #aperitivo #glasses #americaninitaly #italt #friuli

A photo from our day spent in Florence. After walking through the beautiful city and shopping we took a bus to a beautifully stunning rose garden that was in full bloom🌹


The variety of roses and the many colors they came in was absolutely breathtaking. 💐
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Ciao Franco. I was walking down the street in Cernobbio Saturday morning and he stopped to compliment me on my outfit in Italian. We chatted until I understood. I thanked him. We laughed together. And made one another’s day. I just love ❤️ Italy and more mature (Old) people. Their kindness and transparency is touching. La Dolce Vita! .
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