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Can we just take a minute to admire Lea's beauty?
#sneakpeek #pet #justcraftit #americangirlideas #americangirl #americangirlcrafts #agig #agi

Blonde combo😍
Models: @kendelkay & @lindsaymariebrewer

Eek! I can finally share with you what I've been working on the last few months--- did you guess it? @americangirlbrand and I have teamed up to introduce Z and her story!! I am so extremely proud to be part of this girl's launch. She is such a beautiful representation of all of us. It's been incredibly hard to keep silent, and I cannot wait for you to see more. Keep checking AG's and my instagram accounts for updates!! Until then, enjoy this obligatory feet photo of Z. Because you can't go to the gum wall in Seattle and leave without one.... #zcrew #ChooseYourCharacter #gumwall #seattle

Made theses bathing suites for my American Girl dolls out of my socks!! Think I'm gonna make more!!😃😋 Any ideas?🤔 #americangirl #bathingsuits #socks #project


I really want to order Z, but I also don't want to be broke. I also really want a lego set. Me buying AG stuff lately has been really hard for me to justify lol 😅

Ridi, ridi sempre, fatti credere pazzo ma MAI TRISTE 🤞

Elena Katherine. 💕 I'm trying to decide if I want Z or if I want to pass on her for now. I want to want her. I really do. But the permanent undies and the fact that I JUST got #40 are making me hesitate. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #agig #americangirl

she fire #bae

Emily did a doll room tour of her NOLA girls Marie-Grace and Cecile. Link in bio.

School pictures came back #Mylei and her baby #Mia #americangirdolls #AmericanGirl 😍🎀💓💗💖💕💞🎀

К пляжному сезону готовы,ждём не дождёмся уже🙏🏻 Можно уже переименовывать мой профиль на AlexandraKalachev 🙈🤗 ну ничего не могу с собой поделать,кому надоел мой ребёнок,лучше отписываетесь,это только начало💜 #Alexandra #americangirl #mybabygirl #mylove #mommy #mommylife #lasvegas #usa #soonvacation #oceanside #travel #моямалышка #моялюбовь #моевсе #мамадочки #ямама #ласвегас #америка #жизньвсша #жизньвштатах

I feel like us, as agigers need to start leaving real genuine feedback on each other's photos. I'm not saying "Stunning!" Isn't genuine, because usually it is. But I really like hearing honest feedback on my posts that help me improve. I'm sure you all do too. I've learned in my writing class that when responding to someone's art, just saying "This is so good!" Isn't enough. You have to tell them what areas of their art are good, and what areas they could improve on. That really does help people to improve in everything! So I really do appreciate all of your kind comments. But lately I've been wanting to give and receive honest feedback. If you read this far comment 💓. Thanks for reading ✨


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