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In the run up to the 2016 election, here is New York-based artist Jonathan Horowitz, who satirises American politics through a range of materials and mediums.
The artist's work 'Obama ’08', which will be offered at Christie’s New York as part of the Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 15 November, is on view at Christie’s New York from 5 November.
Jonathan Horowitz (b. 1966), Obama ‘08, 2008. Estimate: $100,000-150,000. This lot is offered in Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 15 November 2016 at Christie’s in New York, Rockefeller Plaza.
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Ce qui était impossible hier, devient possible aujourd'hui, "tout désespoir en politique est une sottise absolue." dites-le aux défaitistes, aux lâches et aux attentistes qui vous entourent ! #trump #americanelection #trumpwon

We'll make America great again! (nope).
Или как Трамп с Хиллари ругались друг на друга на туркменском языке под эпичные видосики.

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P.S. - фоточек будет много, готовьтесь.

Good morning ☀️️
This is the next president of America.
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It's who we are when nobody's watching. #delhigram #delhimetro #americanelection


Just #burning those files the #russians sent me proving the rigged #americanelection... #trump

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This is the hourly #fxchart for #gbpeur starting from mid week last week until #thursday April 24th 18:00 which the moment of this #chartanalysis.

#chart key explanation:
1 - Is the point in time where the #resistance S/R 1 is created at 1.9000 which not only a psychological number but also it is also briefly tested and we see a quick spike up to just above 1.2 mark.
2 - Just an other test of S/R 1 and we see it stand firm as the pair bounces and closes the week at 3.
3 - It is the end of week and all eyes are on #france and its #frenchelections.
3-4 - Between 3 and 4 we have the weekend and the #market opened just after the first set of results showing #macron ahead of #lepen and thus we the huge gap.
4 - #markets open and 82% of votes counted showed that the gap between the #macron and #lepen was much closer than anticipated and also at one point #lepen was ahead thus led to the #depreciation of #euro #fibre.
5 - Creation of #resistance S/R 2 and also testing of set resistance.
6 - S/R 2 was broken but it did not hold and thus we see little dip but quickly recovered.
7 - S/R 2 is broken for the 2nd time and it was a #breakthrough.
8 - Time of this post


I still stand by my previous analysis where I stated that the #frenchelections showed a didvided France with a possible #Frexit and with the number of attacks #standbehindfrance it quite understandable the rise in #nationalism. Because of this the #euro will continue to #depreciate further. The next challenge will be breaking the S/R 1 at 1.9 which is both a previous support which was proven and held at the time and a psychological one which if broken will lead to probably breaking the next #psychologicalresistance at 1.2 but if this will happen will be next week just days before the last round of the #frenchelection if there is some medium-to-huge news damaging #macron or some form of attack which will certainly sway the general opinion further in favour of #lepen. Furthermore, although the pre-round 2 #frenchpolls have shown #macron to win with 68% and #lepen lose with 32% the general sentiment seems to be not to trust them based on previous experience with #brexit and #americanelection.

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