🍔🍟 A meal for 2 @fatboyzdiner 🍔🍟 This place, look at the burgers!
@fatboyzdiner are auctioning off a meal for 2, to include a burger, side and a canned drink! (They also do desserts if u want something sweet after 😏)
Based on Barking Road.

Auction starts at £15.
Ends Monday 7pm.
🇸🇾 Remember The money raised goes to Syria emergency, so as well as winning vouchers for fabulous food you will also be gaining sadaqah and feeding and providing aid to those in need! Win win! So let's get those bids over £20! 🇸🇾
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<👨🏾‍💻 Food Review 👨🏾‍💻>
<#DEEATSCHEAPEATS - Meals £10 or less>
🐷Porky’s BBQ (@porkyslondon) 🐷
🇺🇸“Memphis-style #barbeque restaurant and bar”🇺🇸
- The MacPorky (pulled pork, mac n cheese with bacon)🧀🥓
- 2️⃣
Came across @porkyslondon’s Instagram profile and saw a MacPorky’s post which looked so good that I had to try it.. and it was under a tenner!
First time visiting (with me being hungry as hell🙄)but one of my friend that I was with told me that it wasn’t that great when he last visited 🙂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Placed the order but unfortunately, to start with, the food took WAY too long to arrive - 20-25 mins? We got there around 10.30pm (half an hour before the closing time) and we practically got the food when the store was starting to close up ⏰❌
Second of all, all of the food was cold. ❄️All 4 of us... Maybe they forgot about our food? Probably it was cooking down for a while at the back when it was ready and the waiters forgot? Who knows 🙁 But the temperature was definitely below the legal serving temp for sure❌
Lastly, I didn’t enjoy it. The Mac and cheese was so bland, lacking of flavour (with it being cold🙄) and did not hold together at all 😂 ridiculous. The way everything was just falling out of the burger was just a mess to be honest❌
I will say that I did eat most of everything as that was going to be the first meal I had that day, at 10.30pm but wasn’t a great experience at all on that evening 😣

Love a good all American Diner experience and a neon light! 🎞🍔🌭🚕🗽 Makes me want a vintage neon sign or piece of a Diner or Fairground in our home...which is very much a work in progress but I definitely love a strong feature wall and lots of colour! Anyone got any recommendations of good quality neons? Ps. thanks for the inspiration @tgifridaysuk #homeinspo #neonsign #brightlights #homerenovation #americandiner

' By ec’ there’s nowt like a proper brew' Introducing our new beer release, the patrons project 2.06 Kentuckyshire Breakfast Stout with our @nomad.clan x @northernmonk family and @atgbrewery .. smoked bacon, maple syrup & pancake stout.
The label art was a mash up of two completely different world's, West Yorkshire grit & American diner culture.. which made me instantly think of the Holywood Hills sign in Batley I used to pass going from Huddersfield to Leeds on the train. It always made me laugh to see the 'American dream' presented next to rough arse northern 1960s housing and industrial backdrops. In the 80s we were obsessed with everything American as kids.. this was a lovely bit of fun marrying the two. 🍻🍻🍻
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All Indian in the All American Diner
#americandiner #ihc #delhifoodie

In an american diner🇺🇸☕ Wart ihr schon einmal in einem amerikanischen Cafe oder einer Bar? Echt coole Location und ein super vielfältiges Angebot an amerikanischen Essen! #americandiner

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