Brockhampton Saturation Rankings:
3. Saturation 1
this is definitely the Sat i come back to the least, it’s not that i don’t enjoy it, but the other two definitely have so much more to offer. this does, however, contain my favorite BH song and some of their most recognizable songs as well. overall a solid album but just not as impactful as the next two would end up being
rating: 7/10
fav tracks: HEAT, GOLD, STAR

2. Saturation 2
this was my favorite BH for a while and honestly, i do come back to it more than i do any other Sat album, it’s full of bangers and the middle eastern influence on it is wonderful and something very unique that i thought was executed very well. a huge improvement from the first, and i can definitely see an argument for it being their best album
rating: 8.2/10
fav tracks: JUNKY, FIGHT, SWEET

1. Saturation 3
although i don’t come back to it as much as i do to Sat 2, this is definitely Brockhampton’s best album. they really outdid themselves with this project, everyone played a great role, the production is top notch, and it has some of their most emotional tracks. i doubt BH will ever be able to make an album better than this, as it was just every member performing at their peak. this is, imo, their best album, and a top 20 rap album of the decade
rating: 9/10
what did you think of my ranking? what is your personal ranking?
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Been sitting on this one since the first SATURATION, glad to finally release it. One of my faves. Also created a bonus cover DESATURATION - I quite like it. One more 3 down, 1 to go. Thanks to @robbwebb for helping me shoot myself blue. 📷 More #BROCKHAMPTON coming soon, watch this space. The #SATURATION series is worth hearing. -
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I really miss Matt’s sexy hair 😔

A great compilation of some of Ameer’s solo work. Link in my bio, check it out!

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TRUMAN, DIANA, & WILDFIRE DESERVE BETTER 😔 Matt’s verse on Diana is one of his best, and jobas verse on Truman is his best in my opinion. Also don’t ask about this photo I was playing Pictionary with someone during health and was tryna draw iridescence cover

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