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I don't know who Ibnu Taimiyah is (infonya simpang siur), but I agree with him
According to Elizabeth Bernstein (which I don't know her either), an ambivert (sometimes social, sometimes solitary) at some points needs his time to shut down from society for a while after spending his time with group of people in a long period because the introvert side comes up and it feels so energy drained. The me time is just simply to regain the energy, inhale. Tapi tetep, kalo bisa sih me time nya sama kamyuh 😘 (tetep, usaha walopun ditolak terus)
The funny thing is when I took the test couple years ago, I used to tend to be an introvert. But now, tend to an extrovert! Tambah tua tambah ga tau malu sepertinya
Btw, ciri paling gampang introvert: koleksi kaosnya warna polos semua. Extrovert: ekspresif. Me? Both! 😪
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