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You know what Im thankful for?
The ability to accept responsibility.
The ability to take control.
The ability to cultivate discipline.
The ability to create new habits.
The opportunity to do the work.
The lessons Ive learned.
The confidence Ive gained.
The empathy I have for others struggling to take their life back.
The understanding that WE ARE IN CONTROL.
The understanding that youre never too far gone and its never too late.
The people who told me I was a fat ass.
The people who encouraged me, believed in me & pushed me.
The people who inspired me.
...but most of all...
Im thankful for YOU...and the #100to0 MOVEMENT that we have created!
You guys make me want to do my best, be my best and improve in all areas of my life.
Im not where I want to be or will be...I have a long way to go...and I WILL GET THERE VERY SOON...but if it werent for EVERY SINGLE ONE of you I wouldnt be in the best place Ive been in a very long time.
Thank you for inspiring me, believing in me, supporting me and setting an example of positivity, inspiration & REALITY for me to pull from.
Because of many of you...and me feeling truly obligated to be my best for you...I have a big part of my life back.
I love you guys & appreciate you guys more than you could ever understand!
Happy Thanksgiving. 🦃 #IAM1STPHORM #100to0

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Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want later. @elonmusk reminding us to be not only productive with our time, but also effective.

Can you tell what I worked out today? Haha!! Happy Thanks Giving! 🦃 photo cred: @zoebrum

Running a SALE on training!! First time purchases receive a Free Mass & Aesthetics v.1 (8 weeks) workout plan with the purchase of 8,12 or 16 week diet/coaching programs! Programs include:
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#TeamCutz X #Alfitness21

I am beyond grateful for all of the opportunities & individuals that have came into my life during 2017. The year isn’t over, and it’s time to end it with a bang. Remember, be grateful everyday, and never take a day for granted. Spend time with those your love, and stay focused. Happy thanksgiving everybody!
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How open-minded are you? COMMENT on a scale of 1-10 | 10 being EXTREMELY open-minded 😊
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Dans les bacs #Ambition


It always looks impossible until it is done.

The autonomous care race: Alphabet / Waymo is at the forefront in terms of patent filing for autonomous car technology. That does not necessarily ensure innovation. However, that shows the high level of interest in this market. Daimler and VW are further down the list, rank 7 and 9. Will German car manufacturers be able to compete in this growth market?


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This banana cake though 🍌😍 Another little treat left in my lunchbox today by Ironside 👌
No chance of struggle on this bulk with all the amazing food she's making lately 🐷

Got a cheeky little Ironferno RevitalU coffee in too for that added boost 💥

I'll hit that magic 100kg target in no time 🦍

Roll on tonight when it's gym time with the big guys Stu Ritchie and Greg Fawkes 💪 can't wait to go smash my back and shoulders 🔥

What's everybody else training today? 🏋️‍♂️

Always in Style 🙌🏼✨ | 📸@billionaires.mafia

No lie the music video is basically an Adidas ad but I love the track @dok2gonzo
Dok2- Crazy .
#Dok2 #crazy #illionaire #ambition #khiphop

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Hier kommt ein echter #leckerbissen für euch: In der #teenager #gruppe haben die #höheren Gurte #takedowns trainiert - - - #fun !!! #ambition #muaythai #kickboxen #muaythaï

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