.I hardly show my eyez but here they are.
#McDonaldscoffee #junglegym #hideout #work #wifi

Practicing with my new camera and in other news did you know you can use your Apple Watch as a remote control to take pictures from far away?! .
#photographyislife #bluehairdontcare #amberplaster #offtheshouldertop #ootd4nylonjp

I wanted to reenact a scene from my favorite tv show just for fun, so I made @kirstikrieg come play with me.
Can you guess what show this is from?

brb overthinking everything 📸 by @roguewolfartist

take a sad song and make it better
happy valentines day ;) 📸 by @roguewolfartist

Pro shopping #tip: bring someone stronger than you (in case you decide you definitely need a floating makeup drawer
that you definitely cannot lift
without shrieking like a baby)

I’d say I’m grateful to have made it one more year — but in honor of #pilotseason, let’s just say I’ve been renewed for one more season.
Thank yew for de birthday wishes and tweets yesterday 🖤

Excited to start my first day at my new job the the @blizzard arena!

Hope they enjoy the cat burglar look I’ve assembled. It’s as close to Widowmaker as I could manage.

When I first met @jordankpaul he asked
if I could do the stanky leg
for a flash mob at summit live.
I said most definitely.
I’d say “and we’ve been friends ever since” -
But since most of our time together is spent playing Pokémon Go & doing this shit, I’d say we’ve been “stupid together ever since”. #friendship

Maybe this year I’ll play as hard as I work.
Probably not though. I can’t swim, so this photo is already making me nervous. #WaterAdjacent #🐈

I don’t even remember what I did for #NYE last year.
But I do know I was a completely different being.
I don’t have any photos to show for my favorite moments of this year. But I have a camera now (just need a lens!) and I’m single for the first time as an adult, and I intend to document more memories and stories.
I’m taking 2018 slow, bro. Haa- slowbro.
Also major shout out to Brandon, Anne, Verona, Maria, Renee, Ashlyn and Cindy for keeping me safe this year.
This isn’t a very funny post.
But 2017 wasn’t very funny.
I intend to find ways to laugh a hell of a lot more next year #HappyNewYear

First of her name, The Unburnt, Breaker of phones, and Mother of Not Giving AF.

Been looking for the perfect jean #jacket for years. .
Then I saw @thexx released stitched lyrics on black denim and I was like “What have I been doing with my life up until this point?!” .
I preordered this in June and it arrived just in time for the first day of Winter ❄️ .
Do you know what song this is from?


Just tryin’ to bring some fashion into your feed
Is it working? Do you feel fancy?

Mermaid jumper by @labno25
Styled by @daisydennismua

#TBT to our first time watching #TheForceAwakens w/ @reneeariel
Yes I am still scandalized by Finn. No, I have not found anyone to agree with me yet that he should be a proper zombie.

Also hey, throwback to having red hair! Weirddddd

#wcw is my ride or die, stronger than she looks, @theannewoods

*Loud Places by @thexx comes on Spotify*
Friend: “Don’t. I cannot handle how extra you get during this— ”
Me: “What ever do you mean?” *faints in the most dramatic fashion possible*

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