Since I moved a million miles away from all my closest friends and like 98% of my family, (No, I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying. 😭♥️) I decided to keep our baby registry to online this time.🤰🏼 BLESS YOU, FREAKING AMAZON! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’ll post the link in my bio for all my friends and family who want to shower our little apartment mailbox with baby love. 📦📫🎀 But also, if you’re just curious what a minimalist baby registry looks like, go ahead and stalk mine to get ideas!! 🙌🏼🌿🌿 Also, woohoo!! Today is officially 100 days till supposed due date! Ahh!! 💯
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I don’t think I need a pizza peel, mostly because I don’t want a pizza stone, but after reading about the product maybe I do . . . Swipe to read this divine description
#amazonregistry #mysophisticatedculinaryfriends

28 week update:Got some cute standing bump shots 😍 don’t worry my wheelchair was right behind me. Hello 3rd and last trimester ! Only 72 days until my little man is here 💙 Eli’s new hangout is my ribs and loves to stick his little feet out to get tickled. He loves when I sing to him and rub my belly . Cravings are anything chocolate and spinach salads . As for me , this mama is tired constantly , always hot and my back is always screaming in pain . My doctor looked at my ligaments in my belly yesterday and agreed they are EXTREMELY hyperextended and inflamed but that’s just eds and pregnancy. Because I’ve had several people message me and ask I am going to put my amazon baby registry in my bio , please don’t feel pressured to get us anything I just figured I’d put it up for anyone who did want to get baby boy and I anything . #28weekspregnant #highriskpregnancy #thirdtrimester #babybelly #pregnancy #mommytobe #amazonregistry #wheelchairmama #lovemybelly #boymom

When packages that you did not order show up in the mail for you (but really for Aaliyah). Lol

Adventurous Life and Soon-to-Be Adventurous Husband and Wife // this wedding present was delivered yesterday and didn't take long to be put to good use! #goprohero6 #amazonregistry

Reason number 4783 to marry @austin_lacombe - dope wedding gifts 😏 #11days

Starting a registry for your new arrival can be a ton of fun, but it can also bring on some stresses. Check out these tips to a successful registry!

READ NOW👉🏾 https://www.themodernmomsclub.com/just-for-mom/2018/7/5/u2l5xc2l3xmmavflryp6xxfm95p0u7 .
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My view for today! Productive morning so far! This doggo has been helping me (obviously) get some work done, watch some training videos, check in with my girls, read some pd, and open baby registry gifts. I could get used to this!
#teamrisetogether .
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I got my free @amazon registry welcome box! Thank you Amazon, I love it! 😍🖤 #Amazon #babyregistry #amazonregistry #babyontheway #pregnant #free

Checked my Amazon Baby Registry tonight...according to Amazon I have 121 MONTHS left in the pregnancy! This baby girl would be almost 10 years old! #noway #24weekspregnant #amazonregistry

Thank you @Amazon for my Baby Registry Welcome Gift Box full of goodies and must haves.
Thank you all who has already sent their gifts to my house!! 😘😘 -
#babyregistry #amazonregistry #babyonboard

Let's talk wedding registry.☕
What are some of the most random or underrated things you put on your own registry or have seen on someone else's registry? Or something you wish you would have added to yours but didn't?
I feel like mine is really lacking and I hate using the 'but we've lived together for so long' excuse because I know there's probably a bunch of stuff I'm just outright missing. I've read articles and posts for ideas but a lot of it is the same-old stuff that I really truly won't use. I want to hear from some warriors who've been through this thing.
Help! 👇🏻
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Aquí está mas o menos todos los regalos que hemos recibido de nuestra gente para la baby en camino, Gracias! / Here is more or less all the gifts we have received from our people for the baby on the way, Thanks! #amazonregistry

Look at how cute! ❤❤❤ A big thank you out to everyone who helped me have such a cute kitchen! 👌 #WifeMe #HeAlreadyDid #BecomingByers

In love with our Moses basket ((and our natural rubber paci)) ! Sits right next to me while we sleep. Perfect for nursing in the middle of the night and naps! And we were done with it in a month or two, we will use it for toy and other baby storage. We found ours on @amazon and mostly everything else we have ! #pregnant #pregnancy #expecting #newmom #mosesbaskey #amazonregistry #sustainableliving #biodegradable #mindfulmamas #rubberpacifier

Tonight: Jumanji 2 and Pina Coladas. Feel free to steal my Friday night plans for yourself! Safari watercolor crib sheets are up on portgardnercrafts.com!

Queremos @alexandra.djesus y yo expresar gratitud y felicidad inexplicable al ver realizado este evento tan maravilloso para todos nosotros dedicado a Selinda nuestra baby en camino. Esta experiencia empezó desde que recibíamos regalos a nuestro hogar desde la lista de regalos en @amazon #amazonregistry que es muyyy buena idea la cual fue referida por @yarildage 🤗. Sinceramente gracias a @simplydivineeventdecor por su dedicación, esa decoración estuvo hermosa pero más aún la dedicación y entrega que desde un principio tuviste @yarildage. Gracias mil. 😻
No se nos puede quedar nuestro agradecimiento a @tworoseseventslic por tan hermoso lugar, nos sentimos tan complacidos por tanto, increíble el staff y la comida, bizcocho... todo, la gente no para de decirnos que buena estuvo la comida y que bien se sintió el lugar. @tworosesevents Gracias Yasniri de corazón, de mi parte he visto como Dios ha bendecido tus pasos bien guiados y sé que vas a seguir creciendo. Hermosas fotos de parte de @cristiangphotography Hermano, gracias por quedarte y compartir con nosotros y hacer tu buen trabajo. Te felicito!
La animación de parte de @poleleentertainment Como siempre botándose en cada momento importante para nosotros y siempre diciendo que sí, gracias de corazón.
A mi loquita @excarletmolina Nuestra maestra de ceremonia desde la Mega 97.5 un millón de gracias more, te queremos mucho y lo hiciste fenomenal como siempre! Y mi querido @cesar.mont3 Hermano, tu disposición me acercó mas a ti bro! Se le aprecia mucho y cuente con nosotros para lo que quiera y cuando quiera, gracias por manejar la música y todo en esa área.
@jimmybauer1 gracias a ti hermano por ser tan buena persona y estar allí tan sonriente amenizando la fiesta, nos encantó verte allí cantando!!
Gracias a todos nuestros invitados por enviarnos regalos y estar allí presente con nosotros! Los queremos mucho! 😍 Mas adelante subo las fotos personales.
John y Alexandra e Ismael.

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