“Australia is full of deadly snakes.” While this red-belly is very venomous, if you leave them alone they won’t bite! I just have to watch where I step very carefully 😅

I overthink. I over love. I over feel. I’m the sea or I’m nothing.


Lord of the rings fan? Well even if you are not, Hobbiton is a must see place whilst in the North Island of New Zealand!⠀

Surrounded by a magical landscape, it's well worth a stop! ⠀

To get out of your shell 🐢, Swipe to reveal something you might not know I you havnt been! ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ ⠀

📍 Hobbiton, “The Shire”, New Zealand⠀

#getoutofyourshell 🐢 ⠀

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