I train lots of different clients. Athletes other trainers, bdoybuilders, fitness models,weight loss and rehab clients. I would go nuts if i didnt have a wide variety of work to focus on. One thing is the same across the broad array of clients that are successful. Compliance ie they do what i tell them. Its not that hard ! You follow a diet and training plan that individuallly tailored to your needs. Then you train hard eat right and guess what your body changes! So proud of all my clients and this lady here is awesome. Want a coach that will push you AND support you ? Message my page on facebook “bodysmart training systems international” #weightloss #amazinglady #journey #gohealth #support #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformations #nutrition #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #onlinecontestprep #diet #dietplans

Me and mum at my cousins birthday meal #amazinglady #bestmum

Maman chérie, ma héroïne modeste qui mériterait une statue, nous n'avons pas toujours eu une vie facile et pourtant, je peux dire que je n'ai jamais manqué de rien et cela grâce à toi. Comment te remercier assez pour tout ce que tu as fait pour moi ? C'est impossible car malheureusement la vie entière n'y suffirait pas.
Je me conteterai de te dire que je t'aime à la pire des folies. Joyeuse fête des mères ❤💋😍
#happymothersday #youreawesome #loveyou #myeverything #amazinglady #Godblessyou #beautifulinsideandout

Tänään haluamme muistaa erästä aivan erityisen upeaa ihmistä & eläinsuojelijaa, pitkäaikaista ystäväämme & yhteistyökumppaniamme, Mandru Luizaa hänen syntymäpäivänään ❤️🥂 Luiza tekee uskomattoman hyvää työtä kodittomien eläinten eteen Gradistean kylässä, Romaniassa. Hänen ansiostaan sadat onnelliset koirat elävät nyt adoptoituna Suomessa, ja lisäksi Luiza vaikuttaa paikallisesti mm. Projekti Sperantan ja sterilointiprojektien suhteen. Yhteistyö Luizan kanssa on aina ollut esimerkillisen säntillistä, huolellista ja antoisaa. Luiza on aina ystävällinen, kohtelias ja täydellisen luotettava ja olemme onnekkaita saadessamme työskennellä hänen kanssaan ❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Luiza, we hope all your dreams come true, and many happy moments and years to come 🥂❤️ Thank you for your friendship and all the amazing work you do ❤️ @mandruluiza
#animalprotection #rescuework #amazinglady #birthday #respect

For those of you not in the y world this may not mean much to you but I wanted to give this lovely lady Vicky Parkinson a little mention because she is just amazing!! 💕

She joined the team only last month and hadn’t planned to make this into a business, she just wanted the makeup in the kit, she started to talk about what she loved and others wanted to try so she placed some orders......this month (still with a week to go!) she has already sold over 1,000 dollars of makeup in the same way 🌟🌟🌟 She has two young children to take care of, is a part time teacher and helps her husbands business while also now running her own business! 😱

I love how she is already able to treat herself and her family to some extras on the back of her extra pennies and she is an absolute asset to the team in so many ways!! Lovely lady I’m so pleased for you and am so grateful to have you with us and our growing team of 87 ladies!!! 💕🌟💕🌟 xx
#littlewins #busymum #sharethelove #amazinglady #teamserenity #inspirationallady #workingfromhome #workingmum #loveit

This beautiful lady right here is the 2nd #Sensationallady ! This #nerdgirl is so awesome! She is equal parts smart & cool and completely hilarious! Thank you @alvarado0813 for always being unapologetically you! Thank you for your heart that always makes room for someone else’s pain. You are wonderful! Red heart! Red heart! Red heart!

It’s #MegaCon2018 so I’ll be honoring 2 of my favorite nerd girls!
Up 1st is my brilliant lil sister. Emily Woods you really are the best! Your crazy smart & absolutely hilarious. The heart you have for the children of this world is beautiful. You’re an amazing teacher and an even better sister. You WILL be Secretary of Education one day and you’ll change the world. I can’t wait to see it all happen. I love you!!

Isn't this just the most beautiful women in the world 💝 #loveher😍 #amazinglady #daughterinlaw #makingmemories

This amazing lady #love #amazinglady

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