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We are #CrazyInLove with this #AmazingGrace original that's just won her the title of Sunday Night Champion @gracedaviesofficial 😍😍😍 #XFactor

Nothing else in all the world compares to knowing & walking closely with Jesus. The more you taste of the world, the more you'll be unsatisfied. The more you taste of God, the more you'll know it first hand, just how incredible He is. You were made for closeness with your Creator. No matter where you are, choose closeness with Him today and come to life!

Coz I am blessed😍#amazinggrace#

Are you thankful for God’s unfailing love? Type amen if you are!⠀
#saved #AmazingGrace #Jesus

NEW VIDEO!!! 🎵🎶🙏🏽 "Amazing Grace" .
is a song that resonates with me - Wow, to think God loves us despite our imperfections and wrong doings we sometimes make. . . That's just mind blowing to me. 😊"Amazing Grace, How sweet the Sound..." the lyricist, John Newton was a slave owner who repented of his sin of trading precious human lives in exchange for money. It's quite amazing to think this hymn has traveled the world countless times resonating with the hearts of humanity. God is Love! .
I hope you enjoy my rendition of his sacred hymn , "Amazing Grace." 🙏🏽🎵🎶
For more information, visit: www.josevalentino.com, www.tjflutes.com
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I’ve had the privilege of speaking in many different venues but never in the sanctuary of a church. Amazing juxtaposition of telling my story of growing up in the church, getting lost in addiction and finding the way out. #FullCircle #AmazingGrace #SecondChances #Sober #SoberWarrior

Sunday Thoughts : “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost but now am found, I was blind, but now I see!” These beautiful words make me tear up every time I sing them with acknowledgment of the heavy & incredible truth they represent! ❤️🙌🏽 I don’t ever want to take the grace of God for granted but ya girl is human so, unfortunately I do sometimes. That got me thinking — whyyy is it so easy to take something for granted until I really need it? Or maybe, it’s not until I lose it?
When I’m sick, I tell myself I can’t wait until I’m healthy, but when I’m healthy, I rarely stop to think about how thankful I am for my health! The same goes with a great job or loving friends/family or a supportive partner— it’s so easy to take any or all of those for granted when things are going well! GAH! How fickle/self-focused can humans be!? In short, A LOT. This week, I challenge you to spend time in gratitude. Get lost in it. Write a list and then write another one. I sure am. I honestly didn’t write this because Thanksgiving is this week... that’s a genuine coincidence! 😊
Also, how cool is it that no matter what happens, the grace of God NEVER leaves us and never forsakes us? Truly, it is amazing grace. “Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 #thehonestShruth

🎶 Deck the walls with inspiration! 🎶 Click the link in our bio to fill your gallery wall with faith, hope, and love. #Kirklands


#gratefulheart #amazinggrace #greatisthyfaithfulness
I no come here to tell una story... I want to praise my Jehova e ...🎼
My God you are too much e 🎼
Okakama (Akwa Abasi Ibom) you are three much e 🎼
Thank you for everything e Na e make u be Jehova e 🎼
O I go dey praise your name God you're too much e e ....🎼 Everybody hail am for me o 🎼
Lyrics: #timaya #ogologommaremix
na god help me oh enemies for use me dey play ball 🎼 …Baba God ee oo na you dey make me dey dey on top oh 🎼
oya make everybody dey dance oh awooo ewaa 🎼
everybody dey dance oh awooo ewaa 🎼
everybody awooo ewaa 🎼
Lyrics : #oritshefemi #awooewaa

Thankful for these Naughty Boiz... #LilBusterMovement #AmazingGrace #HardstyleGrace

Jesus is exactly what you and I need. He is exactly what a hurting and broken world needs.

Jesus is enough!

Enough love.
Enough peace.
Enough strength.
Enough contentment.
Enough joy.


When you’re stressed out by Christmas preparations – Jesus is enough.
When your kids are having a “let’s drive mommy and daddy crazy” day – Jesus is enough.
When you neighbors are less than neighborly – Jesus is enough.
When the news from your doctor is unsettling – Jesus is enough.
When the next report of terrorism hits the news – Jesus is enough.
When life gets turned upside down – Jesus is enough.

I want to replace every anxiety ridden dissatisfied thought with these words…

Jesus is enough!
Because this one thing in a fallen and hurting world is absolute.

God will use His wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need. Philippians 4:19.

#jesussaves #bible #bibleverse #jesusisenough #power #saved #amazinggrace #love

Mengisi waktu... #AMAZINGGRACE

Treasure hunt

“Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again— my Savior and my God!” Psalms‬ ‭42:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬ #Amen #graceunlimited2017

“Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”” John‬ ‭20:29‬ ‭NLT‬‬ #Amen #graceunlimited2017

Mahusiano yako na Mungu unajua wewe na Mungu wako, mahusiano yangu na Mungu ninajua mimi na Mungu wangu, hakuna mwenye uwezo wa kujua mahusiano yako na Mungu wako na wala hauna uwezo wa kujua mahusiano yangu na Mungu wangu kama ambavyo mimi na wewe hatuna uwezo wa kujua mahusiano ya mtu mwingine na Mungu wake, mwenye uwezo huo ni Mungu pekee. Mahusiano ya mtu na Mungu wake hayapimwi kwa idadi ya siku anazoshinda kanisani, wala mistari mingapi ya biblia iko kichwani mwake wala anaabudu wapi, na hakuna kipimo chochote cha kutuonyesha kuwa fulani anaenda mbinguni au jehanamu, kipimo ni Mungu mwenyewe mwenye uwezo wa kuona roho yako.

Want to work from home?🏡
Sounds too good too be true huh?! It's not. I use to 💭dream of earning some income from home while taking care of my babies but 📋taking surveys, doing 📝research and sales was 🚫not my idea! How about something I can do from my 📱phone/iPad/computer on my own hours, at my own pace! Something I don't have to keep 📦stock inventory of and can simply build relationships with other people all over and help them do the same! 💡Yes, there is such a "job" if you can call it that, I like to call it a ✨"Life-Changing Opportunity"

I'm Looking to take on 3 people this month that want to be home, earn income, get out of debt, save up, and live life more! If that's you, you can either leave me your email below👇🏼 for more info / DM, or text "interested" to me 541.991.2968

We all do good works occasionally and do appreciate a good work when we are reaping the fruits of someone else's good work. But GOD is looking for a pattern of good works. Not just one or two that we occasionally do, without any immense effort. But HE is looking for a habit of doing good to others. A habit of not hurting anyone. A habit of loving spreading HIS love all over this earth. People are to identify us by our good works which should talk about the love of Christ. May the LORD help us all in practicing good works in our lives. Amen.
#verseoftheday #dailybread #goodworks #spreadingtheloveofchrist #amazinggrace #pleasinggodwithallthatihave

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