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hai. my name is Caroline and I own a "professional" quality camera, making me the most amateur photo-taker out there. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

in all seriousness- if you've known me for a while then you know how exciting this is for me, to own a semi-professional camera. for as can as I can remember, i've loved and had a passion for picture taking. since getting his camera back in the spring, i've been snapping away as i felt inspired. i want to share these photos with you, if you will look at them.
that's all you have to do. just look at em.
if you want to see my "work", go on facebook and like my page "Awkwardly Caroline" or follow the account @awkwardlycarolineblog.
just taking the time to look at my photos, well, that will make me smile. and POSSIBLY giggle like a fool, but you won't know now will you?
#photography #photographer #amateurphotography #amateurphotographers

Ευχαριστώ και πάλι #amateurphotographers 🙏🙏🙏Καλό απόγευμα σε όλους!!

Menekuni - Mempraktekkan - Mengamalkan.
#fotografi #Photography #amateurphotographers


Creeper shot of my girl in Oxford Street 📷

Simplicity 📸

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