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On #MartinLutherKingDay, meet Matthew Kincaid, the mastermind behind the programme Overcoming Racism (@overcomingracism). His organisation tasked itself with stopping racism right at the root by taking the fight to schools in the US, empowering teachers, and teaching kids how to make a difference.
“Some people might suggest that ending systemic racism is too big of a problem to solve, but I believe our collective future depends on our ability to heal ourselves from the scars oppression leaves – on both its perpetrators and its victims.”
Full interview on the link in our bio.
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Sai matéria sua na Globo 3 vezes em uma semana só, mas vc só fica realmente feliz quando a Amaphiko fala sobre seu trabalho
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450 million people around the world have diabetes and approximately 100 million of them develop wounds that don’t heal. 🌎 There is no effective treatment for it, which can lead to amputation. Co-founded by Caio Guimarães, @beone_tech implements biotechnology as a simple and inexpensive solution. It uses a gel and two wavelengths of light with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, in order to enhance healing. 💡
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South Africa’s townships lack mental health services​, s​o ​28 year old ​Banetsi Mphunga pimped out a ​car and began taking counseling out to the streets.​ ​🚙
​He's​ been driving round the South African township of Khayelitsha in a mobile counseling clinic​ and is known as the ​‘kasie counselor​​’ – kasie meaning township or ghetto​.
To fund the operation, he set up a micro crowdfunder which asks Khayelitsha residents to donate ten South African rand (70 US cents) a month to push forward his mental health mission. The #R10Challenge.
​​“My long term plan is to have ten mobile psychology clinics driven by registered councillors around SA, assisted by 20 psychosocial supporters. I’d also like one big bus that’ll be used as a clinic that roves around SA, and the construction of a rehab centre specifically for African language speaking people​,​" he says.
​Read the full story on the link in bio.​
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How to cope when your 9 to 5 is 24/7? 💻⏰ ​Ditching the daily grind to pursue your passion can be liberating. But without regular office hours, how do you manage your time?
We spoke to Pri Bertucci and three other graduates of the Amaphiko Academy who’ve been through it all - the trials of making ends meet, the tribulations of juggling a personal project with family commitments, knowing when to be ‘online’ and when to shut down for the night.
Read their tips on tracking down the unicorn we know as a successful work/life balance on the link in our bio.
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“I wanted to help my community, and I knew that a literate community is a developing community.” 📚👊 Cyril Peter Otieno founded the Smallest Library in Africa in 2014 in Nairobi’s Mugure slum. Back then, there were four wooden posts that acted as the open-air library boundary, with nail hooks on top to hang two rechargeable lights.
Today, it's not so small anymore. And doesn't provide only books. It offers study space to over 100 students across two library rooms and there are plans to expand the Library veranda to screen animations and movies as well as plans to hold wide-ranging of clubs covering art, singing and dancing.
"I knew if my community could read and articulate issues, they had a better chance of finding solutions to issues affecting them," says Otieno.
Read the full story on the link in our bio.
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“The surf culture that’s out there doesn’t always feel like it was built for us, so we’re making our own." 🏄🏾‍♀️ @browngirlsurf is a Californian surf crew getting girls and women of color in the water by offering lessons, surf outings, and a network of ocean-minded friends.
"Surfing is originally an indigenous sport," says co-founder Mira Manickam-Shirley. Brow Girl Surf aims to reclaim and honor some of that heritage encouraging communities that probably wouldn't hit the waves otherwise.
Read the full story on the link in our bio.
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As I sit here choosing photos of reflection for 2017, I am completely humbled by God’s continued grace, favor and mercy on my life! 🙏🏾 From becoming a National Power Ambassador for the @american_heart, to officially launching @silencetheshame movement with 90 million impressions, to meeting Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala, sharing my story of depression in the pulpit of Dr. MLK’s former church @ebenezer_atl with @rgwarnock to speaking to a room of social entrepreneurs for Red Bull #Amaphiko, to hosting our 6th Annual #noreservationsneeded dinner at @atlmission serving 500 men Thanksgiving dinner to filling an 18wheeler truck with supplies for Houston with my girl @jasminecrowe to receiving a grant from the City of Atlanta and @kasimreed for my @hhpf.co foundation to adopting a son as a school mom in Ethiopia and seeing him begin college! Wow God I am so grateful for all of this and all of the people you have placed in my path to make this happen! Grateful to so many. Thank you thank you thank you! I am ready to continue my assignment in 2018 and I always appreciate of you O Lord being there through the good the bad and the ugly. Love u like no other 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️ Cheers to 2018 💯🙏🏾🍾 (swipe) #empoweredtoserve

Know your why. I’m inspired by amazing photographers all around. Here is @lovethepoet shooting the original Esmé for her initiative @brownandhealthy Check her out and download the app! #brownandhealthy #amaphiko #Mybmore

A "it started in my garage " moment.
Greatful and blessed.

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1000m halat , 7 kg çivi ,60 kullanılmış pil, 100m ip kullanıldı. #redbull #artwork #artist #redbulltr #amaphiko #recycledart #redbullartofmotion #recycle #eventdesign #concept

Digo: o real não está na saída nem na chegada: ele se dispõe para a gente é no meio da travessia.
Guimarães Rosa.

Vela grafitada pelo nosso grande amigo: @jonatasonato

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