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deleted scene | this scene is cute but they looked funny when they kissed

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— everything, everything
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for shayna, sascha and ava

BOTH sides are at fault????? Come on maaaaaan pick a side? So proud of all my peers that are standing up, speaking out, and using their voices to uplift, encourage and inspire. "Progress is like a coil". Thank you #AmandlaStenberg. Putting that in my pockets 💥💫

"I see a lot of people around my age who are really unhappy or experiencing disconnection from reality because they base so much of their existence on the Internet and on their interactions with people they might not even know. It creates such unreal expectations for what we think our lives should be." Cover of #TheIconsIssue, #AmandlaStenberg shares why she ditched her iPhone for the sake of her mental health. 📱❌ Full story at the link in bio. 📸: @josholins

Okay so someone requested that I film how I colour the face so I made a lil time lapse ☺️
(Please excuse the temperamental lighting and that it's sideways 😪😅)
Swipe to see a picture of how far I've gotten 💖
I'm using Faber-Castell Polychromos, here's a list that I used for the skin tone and lips:
Cold Grey II
Warm Grey V
Walnut Brown
Burnt Siena
Pompeian Red
Dark Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Orange
Dark Cadmium Yellow
Pink Madder Lake
Rose Carmine
Dark Red
Middle Cadmium Red
Medium Flesh
Light Flesh
I hope this helps show my technique on colouring skin (not saying it's the only way or the correct way this is just how I do it!) and how I build layers upon layers pressing very softly with the pencils and building it up gradually ❤️
Song: Home by Dotan ☀️

Quando trovi la persona giusta la tua vita cambia per sempre. 💞
Dal Best Seller N.1 del New York Times arriva #NoiSiamoTutto, dal 21 settembre al cinema.
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#AmandlaStenberg spreads some of her #BlackGirlMagic on the cover of #TeenVogue 😍 and yassss #JanelleMonae coming through with the big sis vibes 👏🏾(Swipe) #TSRpositiveImages

Im one of those people who miss summer af. Are you? 🌅

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maddy & olly

this is so bad😩

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[Everything Everything/2017] ⤵
Maddy is an 18-year-old girl that has SCID, a rare condition of the immune system, so she has never left the confines of her house, where she lives with her overprotective mother. When Olly moves next door, her whole world changes as she falls in love for the first time and goes on the biggest adventure of her lifetime! ⤵
It was such a sweet film, that I thoroughly enjoyed! The chemistry between Robinson and Stenberg was so good, which something quite difficult to achieve. The flow of the movie was very relaxed and calm, except for the ending, where the plot thickens and a big secret is revealed. [Rating: 7/10]

Most recent drawing, Maddy from the Everything Everything film (@amandlastenberg) this is one of my favourite books and it was made into such a great film!!! #digitaldrawing #everythingeverything #nicolayoon #amandlastenberg #art #drawing #graphics #books #film

📷Petra Collins
Nylon Magazine

Tudo e todas as coisas
Apesar de ter uma história bem interessante, achei o enredo fraco e com alguns furos que poderiam ser explicados durante a trama.
Algumas atuações deixaram a desejar pra mim, poderiam ter se expressado melhor #anikanonirose, gostei de #amandlastenberg, #nickrobinson e #anadelareguera.
Uma bela fotografia, gênero coerente com o #filme de #drama e #romance, com um final previsível, #tudoetodasascoisas deixou a desejar pra mim, mas dá pra assistir sem muita espectativa.
Indico. 👏👏👏
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yo she was so young here

#QuoteOfTheDay: @amandlastenberg on the power of seeing complex black women in film. (Link ⬆️)

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