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by Eddy Barrows
#SuicideSquad #DCRebirth

πŸ˜„Suicide Squad factπŸ˜„ whats your favorite dc or marvel movie tell me in the comments - red hood
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#AmandaWaller Vs. #Darkseid, Who Wins?

Dessa vez a Waller sentiu medo. ☠️
#suicidesquadbr #suicidesquad #skwad #enchantress #magia #caradelevingne #amandawaller #violadavis


Fin de la temporada 2. Se viene la terceraaaa πŸ’šπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ¬
(Al que hace spoilers lo bloqueo)
#amandawaller πŸ’š
#diggle y #lylaπŸ’š
#TheaQueen πŸ’š
#deathstroke πŸ˜±πŸ˜–

Suicide Squad -
Hi this is bad
Dt- @camsvarrot @novasedits @liquoricequinn @aubrey.____.bob
Song - New Americana by Hasley (Ye. Flip remix)
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[[ Closed RP with tagged @ofreflections ]]
Digger was roughly pulled from his bed by prison guards, leaving him confused an angry. "Oi! What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He shouted before being hit in the head. "Shut up, Harkness." One of them stated. The man growled, starting to attack the guards. How dare they treat him like this? He threw a punch to the first guard, knocking them down before hitting the other one. That one took a step back before hitting Harkness in jaw. Digger let out a groan before feeling like he got injected with something. His vision started to fade and his body went limp. The man awoke, a little later, and enraged, in a glass dome with Harley Quinn, Deadshot,Β  Rick Flag, and one other person. "Aww man not another mission." Harley whined. "Dontcha think we've had enough Waller?" "I'm agreeing with Harley on this one," Digger commented, looking around. His eyes focused in on the new person. He knew who they were. It was Sam, one of his old mates. Waller, who stood outside of the dome, gritted her teeth in frustration. "Listen up, you all will be going to Central City to retrieve a package. When you get, do not drop it under any circumstances. Do I make myself clear?" Everyone nodded except for Digger. He, naturally, wasn't listening. "To help you in your mission, Mirror Master is here. Now get going!" The group was quickly released from the dome and roughly escorted to a helicopter. One by one they all got in and Digger sat himself down by Sam. "How'd that bitch get you in here?" He inquired, adjusting his hat. #lookslikeyourestuckwiththisaussie

Am I the only one that thought Suicide Squad wasn't a terrible movie and that Jared Leto wasnt a terrible joker?

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