These two Citizen watches mean more to me than any others that i own. The one on the left was given to me by my parents for Christmas when i was 20 or 21and i still wear it weekley because I always thought it was one of the coolest gifts i ever recieved. The one on the right was given to me by my then girlfriend on our 5th anniversary while hiking in upstate NY. She had gotten tired of waiting on me, so on the back the inscription reads "Will You Marry Me?" The funny thing is at that exact moment i had the engagement ring I was going to give her in my pack. I wore it on the day i married her and will keep it until the day i die, which is why these are my two favorite watches #amanandhiswatch #crownandcaliber

Clean and crispy. Smooth bezel, no lume, no nonsense, all business ref1500 circa 1969. Passed down from my dad who got it when he was young and making very little money. He made a good pick on a rare visit to the racetrack and wanted to use the money for something he could enjoy for a long time. Almost 50 years and still servingwith distinction
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Just finished #amanandhiswatch and wanted to share the story of my Kermit, which was a going away present from my parents when I left for LA to start TST. I wore it 24/7 (used to not take it off when I slept even) from September 2008 to March 2017, when I retired it with a Batman GMT. I didn’t know much about watches when Dad gave me this thing, but I knew a steel Rolex was synonymous with durability, versatility, and timeless style. At the time, I did not deserve this watch, and I knew it. I had accomplished nothing in life. Working at TST and other jobs in this time period, I pushed myself hard to be the kind of worker who DID deserve a Rolex watch, which is why it was so important for me to buy my own Rolex when I “made it.” This Kermit is beat the fuck up, the evidence of a decade working at racetracks and on the side of mountains. But it keeps perfect time and tells the origin story of TST. —— Got a watch story? Tell me, tag me, @crownandcaliber and #amanandhiswatch and you could win a pair of Omega Speedmasters! #sponsored #stillatruestory

Giving my late grandad's modest mechanical Presta work watch a run today. Scratched but special, and a timely reminder of the importance of hard work. 🕓🔨🔧🔩
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We here at #ToiletWristi HQ love a good #watch book, and @wmbrownproject’s #amanandhiswatch is one of our favorites.

"Every watch has a story and mine is no different. I have had this watch almost 5 years now and it has served me better than I ever expected. When I was 15 I decided that I wanted a nice watch so I spent a summer mowing lawns and splitting wood and planting flowers to save up. I knew I wanted to have it forever so I spent weeks looking for one I wanted and settled for a mechanical one with i white face, so it would never stop and I could wear it with everything. The face of a good watch sees everything, the good and bad, the happy and sad and I think that is why watches become so important to someone. It was on my wrist when my parents told me they were getting divorced it was on my wrist when I went to my grandmother's funeral it was there when I was in my car wreck.

But it was also there when I graduated highschool, when my dad got married, my first day at my first job. I wore it the day my mom dropped me off at college, and to my first college party. It has seen countless family dinners, parties, weddings, concerts, and hikes. 4 Christmas mornings, 4 Easter Sundays, 4 thanksgiving dinners and 2 summers as a camp counselor. It has heard all the laughs and seen all the tears. Someone told me that I should send it off to get a new crystal so it doesn't have scratches, but every good watch has scratches and every scratch is a memory. When I bumped it on concrete moving into my freshman dorm, when I dropped it and it fell down the steps of my childhood home.

When I look at my watch I no longer see just it's face I see all the memories that I have made wearing it and the scratches are a daily reminder that sometimes bad things turn into the best memories. I can't wait to one day pass it on to my son so he can put memories into it too." (via @natale_chris406). Share your watch story using #crownandcaliber and #amanandhiswatch for a chance to win one of many prizes!

@crownandcaliber watch stories: My 1st Rolex was a gift from my business partner 3 years ago...after 10 years as entrepreneurs we felt that surviving a tough economy, sacrificing time from our families and dedicating our talents to creating something new warranted a reward. This #rolex #datejust with a fluted bezel and oyster band was just what I needed to stay focused on success. #crownandcaliber #amanandhiswatch ...post YOUR watch story using ⬆ these hashtags ⬆ and be entered to win prizes including an OMEGA Speedmaster from @crownandcaliber

Here’s a #flatlay of a very special watch and a few other meaningful things I had on me when I got called to the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister-at-law at Lincoln’s Inn, London on the 8th March 2018. This @dietrich_watches here is a special one - a piece unique TC1 with a beautifully executed Turquoise dial. This is my #WIStory.

This TC1 signifies the struggle I endured for the past few years. I lost count of the nights of me just sitting on the floor in my room, all alone. I was battling heartbreak, depression, anxiety, and all the negative emotions that came along with it. Naturally, there were times when I was overcome with self-doubt while thinking about the long list of people I am going to disappoint if this Law thing doesn’t work out. It was tough, I was failing in class due to the emotional strains I was experiencing and I had no one to turn to, and especially being born into an Asian family, expectations were high and pressure can be overbearing at times. True enough, some of the people on that list eventually lost faith and left beforehand. But however dire the situation may seem at that time, I am always eternally grateful to have a few close friends, and a mentor @emmanueldietrich by my side during my darkest hours, who gave me words of encouragement and shared his wisdom.
Today I still tear up a little thinking about those times and the day I was notified I passed the Bar exams. Only those who been under the Bar Professional Training Course would understand the magnitude of the stress we all go through.

On my Call day, I wore this watch so very proudly as I got called, and looking at it would always remind me of those bittersweet times and how that experience helped shape me as the man I am today. This is a watch that someday I hope to pass down to my child.
Perseverance and hard work is what got me through those difficult years, and this watch right here reminds me of how far these values can get you in life. And today, I am glad to say that I am a different person than who I was before, and I am now ready for the next chapter. #crownandcaliber #amanandhiswatch
@malaysiawatchfam @wmbrownproject @a_man_and_his_watch -Marshall-

Finally got a hard copy #amanandhiswatch

Been a hectic weekend and not had a chance to get any photos in the bank - so here’s one from the archives for today’s post. Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a fantastic week ahead 🤙🏻

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