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Gratifying/Educational Case:
Pt came into the office earlier this week very self conscious about the white spots on her upper central incisors and the silver fillings on her back teeth. She said the spots and fillings made her feel like her mouth was constantly dirty. She was unsure if there was any sort of treatment that could be done that was within her budget.
The white spot lesions are very common and are a result of a condition called Fluorosis. These spots may appear during permanent tooth development when children 8 years old and younger are consuming too much fluoride. Some may consider these spots a cosmetic issue, however others say they give the teeth character. Using whitening products on these spots will not help, but there are different treatment options to hide these spots. After tooth development, fluoride helps makes teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay without the risk of these white spots.
Silver (amalgam) fillings are still used at some offices, but most have turned to the tooth colored (composite) fillings. A well done silver filling can last longer than some tooth colored fillings, but these restorations may pose an esthetic issue to some. Replacing any sort of restoration has its own risks. .
After the patient was educated about the different treatment options and the risks/benefits, the patient made an informed decision that was also within her budget. The plan was to replace her mandibular (lower) amalgam fillings with composite fillings and place composite fillings on her on her maxillary (upper) central incisors.
After the appointment, the patient was in tears with the final results. It was so great seeing her confidence skyrocket as she couldn’t stop smiling and it reminded me why I enjoy what I do.
Don’t let your smile make you feel self conscious! Go to your dentist and create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs/budget!
Note to self: Invest in an intraoral camera for future posts because the iPhone may not cut it. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
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The patient was not happy with her silver fillings that were casting a gray shadow on her teeth. Two ceramic onlays were utilized to resolve this issue and the onlays also made her smile fuller on that side! Thank you Hiro @artbox for the beautiful work!

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