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#dismaland 👌

View from the hotel 😜 #Ibiza


#dismaland 👌

View from the hotel 😜 #Ibiza


The #snow reminded me of the #beauty and #mystery of #creation, of the essential #joy that is #life. Orhan Pamuk

Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque Ankara/Türkiye

VW Retro under snow❄️

On the way to home from Ankara to Istanbul..

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi), usually referred to simply as the TBMM or Parliament (Turkish: Meclis), is the unicameral Turkish legislature. It is the sole body given the legislative prerogatives by the Turkish Constitution. It was founded in Ankara on 23 April 1920 in the midst of the Turkish War of Independence. The parliament was fundamental in the efforts of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his colleagues to found a new state out of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of the World War I.

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