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Can't wait for tomorrow!!💪 second week training at iD-dance🌟❤️ so excited!! #nevergiveup #alwaystryyourbest #bekindtoeachother #werkit #trainhard @realryanjenkins @pineappledancestudios

Let's go Lady Amp'd ..you girls got this ..💛⚡️💛⚡️#alwaystryyourbest #loveourvamily #yougirlsamazeme⚡️

Beyond blessed to see JJ at camp like I was almost 30 teats ago. #Duke #CoachK #alwaystryyourbest

I don't usually post twice in one day, but when I do it's because.... this. @shainasuzanski #giveit100 #alwaystryyourbest #grownwoman

@wespetticrew , for your birthday I wanted to pull out my favourite of the #ThingsInWesGarage -miss you bud! #ALWAYSTRYYOURBEST #doesnttaketalenttohustle

"It is what you haven't done that will torment you" #fortunecookie #smartcookie #wisdom #motivation #alwaystryyourbest


This was in Darwin, just before we moved 2 years ago. Photo of my oldest three kids! 😍 Being a mum is amazing and down right exaughting all in the same sentance. I rock at it when I focus on the concept "family first". No, that doesn't mean i neglect myself and fun things. But it means before i say "yes" to anyone or anything else i make sure i am doing well, my marriage is balanced and my kids are happy & thriving. ❤ Then i can extend myself to others. And if i can not help someone else or do one more thing i remind myself that it is okay to say no...saying no does not make me a bad person. Infact sometimes it makes me a 💪stronger, 😀happier and more balanced person. So if you are struggling with things right now just know you might be able to simplify certain things.💙 Its okay to say no, saying no doesn't make you a bad person. 💙

.. & then still don't stop, just set the bar higher!👌🏻...Today has been one of those days where I have experienced fab highs - yes ofcourse that's my gym session & then a bit of a low- shitty politics in the working life that I let stupidly, upset me a little today!🙈....Then there were the emotions of someone retiring at work after 41 yrs service whom I have worked with now for many many years, not always seen eye to eye with but respect a lot.. Days like this may bring different emotions but learn to absorb these emotions and then grow more as an individual😊 #emotions #goodorbad #learn #grow #alwaystryyourbest #respect #integrity

Since February/March I started eating healthy and going to the gym. Its not a diet for me, its a new lifestyle. I've lost 30 pounds so far and i plan on losing more. There are times where i couldnt go to the gym for a few weeks and i still lost weight just from eating healthier. 💪🏻 Never give up. #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #improudofmyself #weightlossjourney #nevergiveup #alwaystryyourbest

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