Our original, unbeatable #wekillbikethieves reflective tees are fully stocked at @ontherivetcyclewear. Support your local retailer! | #teamouro #wkbt #retailtherapy #alwaysontherivet

Starting to get back in the Denver groove - was excited to finally wear this @shopouroboros t-shirt this weekend while 🚴 riding around to send the town's bike thieves a 💪 strong message

Saw some dude wearing this shirt at a 7-11 when I was in Vancouver (happy #BCDay btw), sending me on a mission to find and buy one of my own. My search led me to @ontherivetcyclewear, an awesome little bike shop in Mt. Pleasant on a street filled with cycling and outdoor gear shops

Nabbed the last one of these shirts in the store - it just happened to be my size, so it was meant to be 🙌. The owner helped ring me up and she said that her top employee was the guy behind the Ouroboros brand

She said that he's had a lot of problems with people stealing the design for this awesome shirt. Not cool! So proud to own and wear the real deal. Gotta support #localbusiness wherever you go

Coolest thing about this shirt? The writing and design is reflective. So even at night everyone can see you mean business

The rest of my outfit? Leggings by @yogasmoga , a sustainable yoga clothing company out of California, @crocs Adrina flats from a few seasons ago, and MIPS helmet from @girocycling

Our original, unbeatable reflective #wekillbikethieves tees are back in stock at @ontherivetcyclewear. Support your local retailer. | #teamouro #wkbt #alwaysontherivet

Every day is a great day for a bike ride. Illustration by @sf_design_studio. #alwaysontherivet

#newkitday is always a good day. I've never been part of a bicycle team, but this group of assholes seems like an alright bunch. @mightyriders #thisriderismighty #mightyracerelations #mightyriders #alwaysontherivet #bigring54 #justkiddingbigring52 #whiskeyforwarmth #whateverittakes #arrrggghhh

It's a beautiful day to get out for a rip, tag us in your riding pictures if you're rolling around out there - and if not, come check out the sweet deals we have in shop! #alwaysontherivet #outforarip #rideorride #rideordie 🚲💨

It's another beautiful day! Go ride your bike. #alwaysontherivet

It's a BEAUTIFUL day. Why are you reading this? Get out and ride! #alwaysontherivet

Hey hey, we love new bike day. Have fun, @okibi! #alwaysontherivet

Hey laaaadies, this one's for you!
Feeling the urge for a #newkitday? We're getting so stoked on all the new gear arriving as we head into Spring, and this is one of our most anticipated new brands. Crank up your brightness to get a glimpse of that🔥zipper highlight.
Stay tuned for ETA and launch party deets🍻🍔🍷🍕🍸🍰 let us know if you want to be added to that guest list📝
it's cool if you want to #cyclelikeagirl but also you keep in mind you can #cyclelikeabadass, that's an option too
#machinesforfreedom #alwaysontherivet

We'll take all the sunlight we can get. Happy Saturday, get out and ride! #alwaysontherivet

2015 is almost be over. That means two more crisp, sunny days of riding before we bring in a whole New Year of adventure. #polkadotsforpower! #alwaysontherivet #neverthewrongchoice

Good people making GOOD bags; our first @ynotmade order has arrived! Come in to check out some of Canada's finest hand made, waterproof bags. #alwaysontherivet #lifeontwowheels #lifestyle

Strictly Vancouver selections at @ontherivetcyclewear. Support your local retailer. | #teamouro #wekillbikethieves #alwaysontherivet #madeinvancouver #yvr

Drop the glam. Keep it simple with the industry standard @chrome_industries Citizen messenger bag and the Traffic Side T. Stay seen, stay safe, ride hard. #yvr #alwaysontherivet #bikelife #fearnocar

Select #teamouro gear is coming soon to @ontherivetcyclewear. Stay tuned for the full announcement. | Interested in becoming a dealer? Give us a shout at info@shopouroboros.com. | #wekillbikethieves #alwaysontherivet #vancouver

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