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Fun fact #1: I've competed for Miss Kentucky US 5 times.
Fun fact #2: I don't believe in giving up.

Don't know what I would've done without her this week! Swimsuit prelim ✔️ #alwaysmissus

Taking on Nationals by storm with my mini me.
Thank you to @lolabboutique for all.of the gorgeous outfits we have had this week! Olivia looks stunning in her black cocktail! #alwaysmissus #missunitedstates
I couldn't have made it through this week without this tiny human. From bringing me burgers into competition to impromptu spray tanning sessions, she has been a God send. Thank you for all you do, Liv! Blessed to love you!

She made broken look beautiful, and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings 💕 reflecting on my year as Ms Woman United States #alwaysmissus #fightlikeagirl #mswomanunitedstates #onlyafewmoredays

Join our growing organization! You could be the next Miss Kentucky United States! #alwaysmissus #missunitedstates #misskentuckyus

can't wait to see these ladies grace the stage tonight vying for the title of Miss United States #mhdbeauty #mhdcosmetics #alwaysmissus #missteenunitedstates


The dog days are here. We had to cool off at our last stop before home. Full LTE speed ahead! 
#dogdays #dogdaysofsummer #nashville #country #crowntheuncarrier #roadtrip #missindianaunitedstates #alwaysmissus

Saying you are sorry for what someone else is going through isn't enough. Put yourself in their position, experience the emotion of it, be vulnerable. Sharing in our struggles, as much as we share in one another's victories is where compassion begins. This is where change begins.

Hooray for three day weekends! 🎂🍰 So excited because it's also my birthday weekend! 📸@masakiphotography #itsmybirthdayweekend #birthdaygirl #funweekend #USNP #AlwaysMissUS #MissHiUnitedStates #threedayweekend #happybirthday

Join our growing organization! You could be the next Miss Kentucky United States! #alwaysmissus #missunitedstates #misskentuckyus

As most of you know, what I do as a coach is not about the money for me...but can I just brag on what this opportunity has done for me for a second? So, I work full time, go to school online, and now I'm a health & fitness coach as well. In the past I use to stress a lot about having to pay for my textbooks out of pocket. I mean these things are EXPENSIVE and when you live close to paycheck-paycheck this was something that made me sick to do. So today as I was going online to see how much by books are going to cost this semester I realized that because of this opportunity, I've made enough in 2 weeks to be able to pay for all of my textbooks no problem! No stress this semester about paying for books 🙏🏼 All because I get paid to help people along their health and fitness journeys. I am SO GRATEFUL for this opportunity. #blessed.

This Saturday Miss District of Columbia U.S & Miss District of Columbia Teen U.S 2017 will be helping at the "Back to School End of the Summer Cookout" for the children!
Fort Davis Recreation Center
1400 41st SE Washington. D.C

———————————————————————— #alwaysmissus

"What's kickin'? Country is the life style here and I'm lassoing LTE. Howdy Nashville!" @tmobile
#boots #cowboy #nashville #countrymustbecountrywide #country #crowntheuncarrier #roadtrip #missindianaunitedstates #alwaysmissus

IT IS PUBLISHED!!! Check out the new Her Voice on Tuesday, August 22 in the Brainerd Dispatch! I had the honor of interviewing a super sweet lady, Donna Dahl on her experience conducting her church choir. It was so amazing to speak with her! They will also be available at the Brainerd Dispatch on Tuesday as well! #AlwaysMissUS #shesbeautyandshesgrace #HerVoice

Fun fact #1: I've competed for Miss Kentucky US 5 times.
Fun fact #2: I don't believe in giving up.

II Part🤗Thank you so much for letting me interviewed you " Miss Junior High School America Kennedy Whetzel😉I had a Great time!!!! Full video👉🏻YouTube: 73 Alondra and me
#littlemissvirginiaus #alwaysmissus #mediacorespondent #littlereporter #Alondra #LCoreSolutions #youtubevideo #pageant #youtubechannel

👋🏻Happy Thursday!!!🙂It is hard to believe summer vacation is almost over!😖Missing all my Queen friends United States pageant😍#littlemissvirginiaus #shesbeautyandshesgrace #alwaysmissus #divafashionistaroanoke #style

I wanted to share with y'all my FAVORITE way to have coffee.
- sugar free hazelnut creamer
- spoon of coconut oil
- BLENDED (this makes all the difference)
ITS SOO GOOD. Let me know how you like this if you try. Comment below with your fav way to have coffee! ☕️☕️

Follow mi official IG Little Miss United States @littlemissunitedstates Thanks #shesbeautyandshesgrace #alwaysmissus #usnp #littlemissunitedstates

Life's too short to not be happy. If your current circumstances don't make you happy, do something about it. I believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication so take action and make your dreams reality. Tomorrow, next Monday, or next week will never be the right time..NOW is the right time because TBH no time is really the PERFECT time to jump into something new - you've just got to do it. This is exactly what I did when I started this journey. I was lost, knew I needed a change, saw an opportunity, and then jumped right in. Since then, my life has changed in so many great ways. Stop making excuses, just do it ✔️

Our Kentucky girls love their @shopthemint clothes! Shop the link ❤️ https://goo.gl/UESp8X #shopthemint #pageantgirl #misskentuckyus #alwaysmissus #missunitedstates #ootd #whatiwore

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