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Thank you #Harvard @harvardhbs and @anitaelberse ! I'm excited for this opportunity to continue growing, and dreaming. #AlwaysLearning #AlwaysWorking #NBA

Not your average #transformationtuesday but I felt like I had to share my experience.
So the right was my first pro win and my best conditioning to date..the left was this past weekend at my first Olympia. This is to show all of the upcoming competitors that every prep is different and not just a walk in the park. After Miami nationals 2016, my conditioning continued to get better and better. I competed in 3 pro shows back to back and only got better with each one. I thought I had nailed my prep and conditioning for good! We basically tried to keep everything the same for my Olympia prep. The thing about this was, I may have held my conditioning for too long. With the flights getting to Vegas being delayed and cancelled my body was under a lot of stress, and left us little time to make adjustments before stepping on stage. It is SO important to learn your body so you are able to notice little details and when things aren't right. I am STILL learning! My preps have been so smooth and everything has worked in my favor, so to have this happen was hard to accept and very humbling. ANYTHING can happen. So learn your body, and experiment. The longer you compete the better your body gets at adapting and also evolving. Just because something worked for a while doesn't mean that same thing will always work! I am more motivated than ever and I'm excited to get back to work. #humbled #grateful #olympia2017 #alwayslearning #motivation

It isn't all uphill. This comparison was pretty disappointing for me. At first. See, I was only looking at the lack of bicep gains in the last 2 years. I thought, they should be ripped. But I can't really be that disappointed. It's my journey. Right? I fell down a bunch of times, gained weight and called it an "unintentional bulk" 🙄But then I noticed that my shoulders and Lats have made some nice progress. And truth be told...I weigh more now. I'm bigger now. Thicker. Stronger. I'm lifting heavier than I did then. I was the leanest and most obsessed up there. Now I have balance and am happy. I train because I want to and I'm not racing to be something or someone I'm not. I know who I am. 2 years ago I don't even know what I was chasing. A look? Now I'm chasing my dreams. #fitmom #upanddown #alwayslearning #whateverittakes #balanceiskey

A fun and new experience with the talented
Miss Blond.
And the extremely talented photographer.
♠️: @aj_ceo ♥️: @miss_blondt
📸: @bo_og_rikke_christensen

So can I as with a sense of the modeling world say I even have tried it myself, and it was fun.

Hope to learn a lot more by the model world myself.
But can proudly say we are business partners.
And a pleasure to work with so many talented people, each with their own talent.

You can always learn something new.


#Repost @raqueljezequel (@get_repost)
So happy, learning so much in this workshop, great way to start the new course 😀 thank you @roenya

With @nzarco24
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Can't believe it's been 4yrs since we were in pairs @carlyquist @missblugem .
#hcf #education #alwayslearning #tbt #paris #eiffeltower #💕

Time to speak up and make some noise! 📢🌻#AlwaysLearning #workFromAnywhere #mompreneur #onlineMarketing #entrepreneur

Science Uncovered Manchester - where science fiction becomes science fact! #SU2017
#BookNow for a spectacular evening of drinks, music, research and so much more! (For booking info, see link in bio).
Friday 29 September, 5-10pm
#discovermore #alwayslearning #museumlates #nightatthemuseum #peopleofmcr #peopleofmcrmuseum #HelloUoM #WelcomeWeek #freshers #UoM

I was thinking about making some changes to the canjo and thanks to @southernnorthern I made the decision to make this banjo have mechanical tuners and frets vs pegs and fretless. It has metals strings so it only makes sense. I'll use the pegs on the next one with nylon strings. So something new to learn and try in doing frets! All part of the adventure. I took some glamor shots of the banjo before taking it apart to do the fret work. I'll post those tomorrow. #canjo #woodworking #handtools #alwayslearning

Pain is not easy to understand. Some say it as a noun, some a verb, and others an adjective, yet all agree it is a moving target and life-changing experience. As healthcare practitioners there is so much we can do to help our clients and patients better understand the lived experience of pain, self care strategies and management techniques. @neil.pearson431 @lifeisnow.ca .
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Coldwell Banker ONE Realtors stay updated on the local and national real estate industry so that we can provide the best service to our clients in the greater Baton Rouge area. Thank you to Assurance Financial's Sarah Ellis and Tim Dubnansky for providing us with a mortgage update! 🏡✅ ColdwellBankerOne.com / 225-925-2500
#MarketLeader #AlwaysLearning

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