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Eastside Aesthetics and we love the grind @jacob_870 @jones_1976 @jeffreynollds @josewwildin ready to hit it again tomorrow!💪🏻💯😈 #EastsideAesthetics #alwaysgrind #peakfitness

If you don't believe in yourself then how can you expect other people to believe in you? #alwaysgrind #motivation #hardwork #fittness

Had a great Saturday "relaxation day" workout! 💪🏽 (it was storming like a hurricane but I didn't let that stop me!) This week was filled with hard work and little sleep but I enjoyed every single second of it! I could have slept all day and played video games til the sun came up.. but I made a choice, to continue to be the #HardestWorkerInTheRoom and GET IT IN! Trust me, you'll be so proud of yourself that you chose to continue to create the best version of you!
For those that tell me that I inspire them to keep going, eat healthier, exercise, be a wrestler too.. whatever it is, just know that YOU ALL INSPIRE ME TOO!! The love and support that I have received from all of you was SO incredible 😭❤️ Thank you all! I won't let you down! Let's do this! .. Together!!! Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend everyone!
#AlwaysGrind #AlwaysLearn #HumbleHungry 🙏🏽❤️

The soon to be millionaires club ready for the 2017 awards Gala #alwaysgrind #millionairesclub #inittowinit #credico #entrepreneur

If you follow @fbccbayarea then you know the dude does work. I remember back in the early 90s all the streetwear brands that popped up had everyone pushing tee shirts with their logos on it. Some made it, some didn't. But everyone felt that entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to leave their mark and make something that represented their skill level and their message. Not many people did it in the shoe game. Infact i can only think of a handful. Reconstructing a popular shoe with exotics leathers is dope. Its how many customizers moved from just painting to something more to fulfill their creative outlet. I have to give huge props to @fbccbayarea for not only having the entrepreneurial spirit by creating his brand but also moving forward and creating something of his own design that also reflects his skill and passion. I have to say, even as a sample, these are stellar. I cannot wait to see the final product thats ready for sale. I dont have a huge amount of followers but i believe arttists should support artists. These should be seen! Again Devlin, congrats on this accomplishment. #artistssupportingartists #blazingapath #theblueprint #alwaysgrind #neverstopbuilding


Because I swear this looks flattering in real life.
#weak #ugly #nomakeup #aesthetic #sweg #fitness #alwaysgrind #gym

I use my mirrors to track my goals. I also use them to remind me of things.
#alwaysgrind #stayhungry #motivation

A dream without a plan is just a wish and will never be anything more. If you really want something you HAVE to go take it yourself or you'll be waiting for it your entire life.
I was suppose to do a show on October 7th but I decided to hire a competition coach and we've decided to push my training back even further to bring my best package to whichever show I do. Today was my first chest workout designed by #teambuendia and I must say my chest feels fucking pumped!! Which show should I do??
#teambuendia #neversettle #alwaysgrind #chestday #latenight #workout #pumped #nofilitersneeded #lookinglikeaV #npcphysique

Taking the post-WOD party 🎉 outside! #CashOut
#RuinationCrossFit 🛡

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