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From Alvin Boyd Kuhn on how the institutionalization of religion and the corrupting of true philosophy is at the heart of our current social and political hell...
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Book recommended by Ancestor Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Our Master Teacher still speaks. ✊🏾
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“The translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid Texts, and the Book of Thoth lays on the table the irrefutable data which show that, far from being the first gleam of true light in a world previously benighted in heathenism, Christianity was but a poor and crippled orphan, appearing--after the third century--without evidence of its true parentage and sadly belying in its outward form the semblance of its real ancestral lineage.
The entire Christian Bible, creation legend, descent into and exodus from "Egypt," ark and flood allegory, Israelite "history," Hebrew prophecy and poetry, Gospels, Epistles and Revelation imagery, all are now proven to have been the transmission of ancient Egypt's scrolls and papyri into the hands of later generations which knew neither their true origin nor their fathomless meaning.” - A.B. Kuhn. Who Is This King of Glory, Introduction

The earth is thus the place of critical interest in the whole cycle. The life wave is sent forth to return with a harvest of more abundant life. Now it is only as spirit contacts and overcomes the inertia of
matter that it brings its own potentialities to birth. Abiding eternally on its own plane, as Platonic philosophy says, it remains non-productive. It must go forth, seek adventure, meet with opposition, wrestle
with the powers that would choke it, and achieve its new cyclical victory in a world of adversity. - The Lost Light, Alvin Boyd Kuhn 🌺✨💕💫 #adventure #whatyouseekisseekingyou #thelostlight #alvinboydkuhn #light #spirit #matter #consciousness #humanity #codes #ascension

The human race was parented.
It was not left to struggle through its helpless infancy without guardianship. Ancient legend in the mass bears this out. Prehistoric lore teems with the stories of heroes and men of divine stature, demi-gods and sons of God who mingled with humanity, and who left codes of laws and manuals of civilization that manifest a mastery not possible of acquirement by primitives. Hermes, Orpheus, Cadmus, Zoroaster, Hammurabi, Manu, Buddha, Laotse, Moses, and even Plato and Pythagoras, hover in the dim light of remote legendary times as figures transcending normal human stature, and leaving behind writings that have been held up as the norm of perfect wisdom and conduct down the centuries. The Laws of Manu have stood for ages as the prototype of all legal and social codes since formulated. Hermes, Orpheus taught the nations agriculture, writing, astronomy, language, religion, philosophy and science, the saga runs. ~ The Lost Light, Alvin Boyd Kuhn #light #codes #language #alvinboydkuhn #theosophy #humanity #ascension 💕✨🙏💫💞

"Coming forth in a day when theology has long been discredited - even in its own ecclesiastical household - and religion itself is threatened with obliteration by rampant forces hostile to it, this book aims to rehabilitate theology and to stabilize true religion. It must be said at the very outset and with blunt insistence that it is for religion and not in any way against it. It is written religion again as the cornerstone of human culture, when civilization has largely turned away from it to seek elsewhere the guiding light. It is designed to redeem Divine Theology from her outcast condition and place her again beside Philosophy and Science on the throne in the kingdom of man's mind." - From the Prologue - Author Alvin Boyd Kuhn
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[1/5] The information which I am going to impart to you was written by #AlvinBoydKuhn, Ph.D in his book entitled "The Lost Light -- An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures", he was a theosophist. He was one of the most prolific writers and revealers of the #esoteric religion. He was a 33rd degree #Freemason, he was a member of the Order of Rosae Crucis; #Rosicrucian, and many others. He was a member of the #Illuminati, he says it in his writings. All other #Freemasons and members of the "Brotherhood of Man" who worship behind the veil of the lodges with no windows have all referenced Alvin Boyd Kuhn. They have written that he is one of the greatest of the "Thousand Points of Light" and indeed he does not only speak for them, but he is the source of much of the knowledge that most of them possess. And when they say that they believe in God and that they are Christians, and you understand the definitions of THEIR terms and you agree with those terms, then Yes, they do believe in God and Yes they are #Christian. But make no mistake about it, they do not believe in YOUR God nor do they believe in YOUR Christ or #Christianity.
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"Thinking which does not start from and continue in close relation to its foundations in the physical universe must lead to falsity." - Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The letter "I" is cardinal because it represents unity, like #1. It's in the alphabet and language because it is a symbol of the divine mind principle and is one with all. "Loth", the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the king letter and shares it's meaning with i and 10 (or any multiple thereof) which is a symbol for the word "God" itself. Phi shares this meaning.

Its Hebrew name is YOD (YODH) and means the "hand of God." Its hieroglyphic counterpart is a candle flame, bent momentarily as if blown by a gentle puff of air. This is God breathing upon the latent creative fires of atomic energy. It is suggested in Genesis that God brooded over the dark waters or great deep. M and N are the water letters in most languages. The Hebrew word for water is "mem" (of which the cursive looks like an English, N) and this is also the reason the English word "money" is always associated with water. (ie, liquid assets are liqudated and a (river) Bank directs the current(cy) & cash flow while staying afloat and not drowning in debt)
Water is the symbol of physical matter, as matter in the cosmos and water on the earth are the common universal mothers of life. Since matter contains all latent creation, God blows upon this latent fire to enflame it for creative work. This is indicated in the bent candle flame of the yod.

Ten is esoterically called the "perfect number." In the highest possible sense it is the number that rounds out or perfects a cycle of creation, The yod then stands for that divine creative fire that forges worlds into the shape prefigured in the divine mind.

Thank you so much for your support! 🙏  If you enjoyed this, follow for more timeless information and quotes along with photos, paralaxes, and timelapses. Alvin Boyd Kuhn was the inspiration for the writing of this post. I recommend "The Ultimate Canon of Knowledge" and "The Esoteric Structure of Language and Its Hidden Meaning". #divinemind #god #timelapse #timelapsesunset #synagogue

On Shapes and Patterns:
"God built the universe on #number" ~ Pythagoras
"God built the universe on the letters of the #alphabet" ~ The Zohar

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A Critical Study of the Christos-Messiah Tradition

"Thinking which does not start from and continue in close relation to its foundation in the physical universe must lead to falsity." #AlvinBoydKuhn
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THE TWO LANDS OF UPPER & LOWER EGYPT “Man’s #sovereignty extends across both sides of #life’s total area. He occupies the Two Lands, or #Upper and #Lower #Egypt. And after long c#ycles it will be his prerogative to settle the aeonial warfare between these two #provinces of his nature, reconcile them in harmony, and finally unify them under his single spiritual lordship. Straight and clear is Egypt’s proclamation of this sterling truth: ´He cultivates the Two #Lands; he pacifies the Two Lands; he unites the Two Lands…´ #Spiritual and not #political #history is being recorded.” – Alvin Boyd Kuhn

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"The ancients, in a way and to a degree almost incomprehensible to the unstudied modern, had made of the sun's annual course round the heavens a faithful reproduction of the spiritual history of the divine spirit in man. The god in us was emblemed by the sun in its course, and the sun's varied experiences, as fabulously construed, were a reflection of our own incarnational history. The sun in its movements through the signs was made the mirror of our life in spirit. To follow the yearly round of the zodiac was to epitomize graphically the whole history of human experience. Thus the inner meaning of our mortal life was endlessly repeated in the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycle of the sun's passage, the seven or twelve divisions of which marked the seven- or twelvefold segmentation of our spiritual history or our initiations. (They were figured at first as seven, later as twelve, when the solar gods came upon the cosmic scene.) The careers of these solar gods, then, were a type of what is occurring to every man who is dowered with the spark of divine soul within his breast. Each one of us has had or will have his festival of conception in June, his birth into the world of fleshly life in the autumn, his spiritual awakening at Christmas, and his glorious resurrection from the dead body of this life at Easter." -#AlvinBoydKuhn (September 22, 1880 – September 14, 1963) from 'The Great Myth of the Sun-Gods'

"Man derived his physical body from the earth, his mental body from Venus, his spirit body from the sun, but his emotion body from the moon." -Plutarch #adamkadmon #Lilith #eve #androgen #androgynousbeings #universalwomb #cosmicman #spirit #flesh #asabovesobelow #aswithinsowithout #astrology #anatomy #cosmology #astrotheology #therootofallreligions #alvinboydkuhn #metaphysics #consciousness #spirituality #wholeness #oneness #allisself

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