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Flower neighbors are the kindest neighbors 💋 A fav snap inspired by last night's post #DeanStTravelBetty #LiveColorfully

That time I was joyfully stuck in a balloon jacket. 🎈 #altsummit #imisspalmsprings

If you haven't met @thesaltycanary let me do a quick intro :: 1. Rad 2. 🕶 3. 🍩 You're welcome. Another amazing new friend from @altsummit -- I love a good studio session but shooting at @thesaguarops was such a great and totally fitting for this vibrant and colorful lady! #altsummit #altalum

Confidence is a powerful tool. Whether you are walking into a conference by yourself, posing for a photo in public, or starting something completely new - it all takes confidence! We loved getting to know @thelipstickgiraffe at #altsummit and we know you will too. Photo by fellow #altalum @hegetho. #altsummittips

Thank goodness it's Friday! #palmsprings #thepinkdoor #altsummit #tgif

Para los que se preguntan ¿Qué es AltSummit? Hoy en el #bloglepapillon comparto detalles del evento y explico un poco de que se trata 🤓 #altsummit #bloggingcommunity #socialmedia /// thanks to @davidcoephoto for the photo

Back from a fabulous week in Palm Springs!! I had a blast with @timzemp @jordancidelle and @michellezemp at @altsummit! I'm feeling all sorts of inspired! ✨☺ #altsummit

I've found the best thing I've done at any job is to make good friends and have a support system. ⠀

I can't thank those who mentored me and kept me in the teaching profession each tough year enough. To my ESL brilliant engineer friend who helped me with calculus applications during grad school (after a decade of no math in my life) and who I exchanged helping him with complex, long case studies, I'm not sure either of us would have survived that hard semester alone. To my amiga who got me through that madness of that first agency gig, and my many friends in the digital PM world who talked me off ledges taught me the ways, and had my back in the hard moments- you are invaluable. ⠀

I'm so grateful for conferences like @altsummit to bring Internet entrepreneurs together. It can be an isolating industry, and having friends I can ask for advice, talk about projects, or ask how on earth they fit in work with busy toddler shenanigans, you are invaluable! I'm so grateful I got to go this year and I shared 10 takeaways from Alt in today's blog post. ⠀

Also, these three ladies all came into my life because of Alt, and their friendship and support has made all the difference, particularly in the craziest of times! I'd love to hear, who has been a professional friend that has made all the difference for you? Tell me or tag them in the comments! ⠀
Photo cred: @elisabethmcknight


⚡️I used to think differently. I used to think that what I had to offer the world was not important. That I was put here to support other people's dreams and that mine didn't matter as much. My aspirations were dumb. I didn't have what it took anyway, according to my headspace. ⚡️ Those were the stories I would tell myself over and over again. Then there was the awakening, as I dove into my art and was embraced and sheltered by it, my mind started changing. My dreams became legitimate and real. My inner strength grew. It grew so much that there wasn't any more room for the negative thoughts and they were evicted from my life. This photo at Alt Summit is a reminder to me that you are the one that creates your own reality. NO ONE ELSE. Have a beautiful Sunday Mermaids. Love and good vibes to you. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 @altsummit ..
#youaresoamazing #mermaidart #altsummit #palmsprings #youarepuremagic #youarestrongerthanyouthink

Golfing in heels is a thing, right? #imnosergio

It's not always flower arranging and cocktail shaking over here. Honestly, mostly it's me behind the keyboard doing the other work. Between my FT work at @TheGrommet & building Thoughtfully Simple since '08, I have A LOT to share. My fave topic is Pinterest for business! 👉🏻I'd love to know what is the #1 thing you wish someone could help you w/ when it comes to Pinterest? I'll share thoughts on toritait.com next week. Tell me in a comment 👇🏻 (I'll write up answers over the weekend!) .
If you're shy ☺️ to post publicly, DM me your thoughts!

This week we started our Q2 Masterminds!! I am so grateful for the women in the community and on the LBDS leadership team. I love our conversations and how vested we are in helping each grow in our businesses. 💗 Also thank you to Kelly & Michelle for the conversations!! 📞 💌 Kelly of @helloworldpaperco made my custom address stamp. Who are you grateful for this week?

If you end your day looking like this... you rock! Katie of @theuncommonplace knows how to have a good time! #altalum #altsummittips #altsummit

Are you overlooking this piece of visibility for your business? ⠀
Blogging is a great strategy for getting your business visible online. Among many reasons some of the best parts of writing for your own blog is that you aren’t constrained to someone else's rules or the platforms restrictions on word count. ⠀
You also have the opportunity to really show yourself and your expertise off all while supporting your community with additional free content. While blogging to blog is great it gets you in a creation routine, puts fresh content out there and gives you space to show yourself off there is a way to leverage your blogging so that it boost your traffic and gets your business noticed. ⠀
I’ve written a blog post about successfully blogging for your business, the link is in my bio!⠀
I’d love to hear your biggest ah-ha, let me know below!

Salton Sea at sunset

Getting ready for the week ahead! 💙📝

Happy Easter, Y'all | When your MIL brings that 🔥

Time for gatherings with friends and family • Photo via @la_famille_marrakech #gatherings #timeforrelax #creativespace

One of the best ways to stand out online is to create cohesive social media graphics for your brand! That way, you have a recognizable + memorable feed. Struggling with this, Socialite?⠀

Sam (@littlepetuniaco) is sharing on the blog ③ ways to remain consistent when designing your graphics! Apply these tips + before you know it, you will be well on your way to a noticeable & trustworthy brand. ⠀

Stroll to the link in our bio + get designing today! #InspireConnectGrow

Twists and turns for the young at heart

Life is sweet, Y'all

Bright lights on a humid Friday night

A little preview of something coming to the shop soon...AND it's going to be a part of a HUGE Summer Fun Bundle- think dozens of fun printables for one LOW price. To stay up to date, sign up for my email list--Just visit www.printablecrush.com #handletter #coloringbook

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