The feeling of this photograph from last year sums up my mood perfectly : dark & moody

Photographer : Louwrens Koen @louwrenskoen
Mua : @chereedd
Model : @scarlet_ray
Affiliation : @hush_brand

Throwback Thursday🖤🖤 Photographer : Jacques Mc Carthy
Mua & Model : @scarlet_ray
Nails done by @darnecalder
Affiliation : @hush_brand
Venue : @camerastuff_shop

don’t want to feel you 🦕 don’t want you on my mind

love yourself and your booty 🍑🦋

Always got dog fur on me. 🖤

She wore the moonlight like lingerie
Photographer : the incredible @bshphotographic
Mua : @nikkisbeautique1
C. D: @original_muse
Nails : @darnecalder
Venue : National Bank Building Johannesburg
Model : @scarlet_ray
Affiliation : @hush_brand


wish i boughttt these👼


no matter what u say or what u do 🥝 when im alone id rather be with u

big shot


yall needa try this 🦋


not @mine but thought it was pretti 🌸

throw me a bone 🦋 don’t be scared of what you don’t already know

i need new docs asap 👞

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