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Swipe ⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅ ⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅⬅ Had a Mediation case today at the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse. Time was 11:00am. Everything was so professionally done and straight to the point. It got me wondering... why don't judges just sit around that time since they never come in on time anyway?
I really prefer Alternative Dispute Resolutìon any day, its just that not all disputes can be settled that way. I really wish all cases could be settled like that or that court was set up in that way. You know with punctuality, professionalism, no need to wear wigs or gowns, no need to sweat in court or spend your whole day in court.... sigh if pigs could fly right??? By the way my favourite thing about coming to igbosere is that i get the chance to buy huge super sweet agbalumo aka african cherry from my customer. I never miss out on it when i go there. Next time you are in Igbosere look out for a fruit seller just beside the court of appeal gate. She has really nice, big juicy agbalumo. Its apparently from cotonou and its 50 naira each but its well worth it 😉😉. #LawyerEntreprenuerActivist #LawyerLife #AlternativeDisputeResolution #Mediation #Agbalumo

Dia puxado, corpo cansado, mente aberta e coração leve! #newyorkcity #alternativedisputeresolution #empirestate #columbiauniversity #thenewyorktimes

Taking a 7-week "Law School for Non-Lawyers" class at @tridenttech. I survived the first 3-hour lecture! #alternativedisputeresolution #statecourts #law #lotsofreadingmaterial

Alternative dispute resolution feat. Coffee 😂
頑張りまーす! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
#unilyf #alternativedisputeresolution #week1 #lawschool

Mmmm Bathurst (2012) reported that court-connected programs still face many challenges throughout courts within the United States🙈. 🙎🏻 why is your dissertation about #alternativedisputeresolution and not about ME. I don't see any mention about ME in this document. I don't like your research. Blah 🙈🙈🙈🙈

Mediação nas instâncias superiores #alternativedisputeresolution

Thank you to Professor Tim Powell for having inspired me to pursue my Certificate in Dispute Resolution alongside my MBA. I proudly receive this diploma and will apply my skills in peace keeping and conflict resolution everywhere I go. .

Excited to start this journey towards helping people have more peaceful divorces! "Putting the Pieces Together" Collaborative Divorce Training. #collaborativedivorce #alternativedisputeresolution


Mediação nas instâncias superiores #alternativedisputeresolution

Dia puxado, corpo cansado, mente aberta e coração leve! #newyorkcity #alternativedisputeresolution #empirestate #columbiauniversity #thenewyorktimes

Melhor turma. Direito e Gestão de Conflitos. Turma III.
Abrindo os trabalhos! #mediation #alternativedisputeresolution #columbiauniversity

I loved litigation; it was something I found very interesting. It was akin to story telling, yet each story always had a different dimension; no two matters were ever the same.

I soon saw the light however, and irritation caused me to drop my wig and gown. I don’t even know where they are now.

Read more of this interesting article by Ivie Omoregie @ www.themetrolawyer.com (see link in bio)

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Come visit the ADR Institute of Saskatchewan booth at he Saskatoon Fringe Festival and receive a free water bottle! #ADR #ADRIC #ADRISK #alternativedisputeresolution #health #wellbeing #mediation #arbitration #legal #disputeresolution #smiles #summer #love #family #fringefestival #yxe #Saskatoon #Saskatchewan

In days gone by boots were concealed in buildings for good luck and to ward off bad spirits. An old boot lodged in the fireplace by the original builders; old lotion and milk bottles; an "Advance Australia" clothes button and the remains of footings of 19th century terrace houses have been uncovered in the redevelopment of the first stand alone Children's Court in NSW into a state of the art facility. The boot is now registered on the International Register of Concealed Shoes, kept by #Nottingham #Museum in the UK. The #SurryHills building operated as the Metropolitan Children's Court between 1911 and 1983 and will return to its original use next year in a $38m project with four courtrooms, audiovisual link facilities, a private room for vulnerable witnesses to give evidence via CCTV, facilities for #alternativedisputeresolution, holding cells and interview rooms for the legal profession and rooms for support agencies. #juvenilejustice #justice #boots #courts #courthouses

MEDIATOR SPOTLIGHT: Gino Brogdon, Jr., Esq.
Gino exhibits every marker of a successful #mediator. He provides innovative and creative ideas for complex disputes. He is dynamic and tenacious, yet tactful. And most importantly, Gino has an incredible ability to develop rapport and build trust with both sides at #mediation.
He mediates primarily in areas of automobile and trucking, personal injury, wrongful death, civil rights, #business, contracts, insurance coverage disputes, and complex medical #malpractice. Gino has been inducted into The National Black Lawyers’ Top 100 Lawyers and in 2016 was recognized in The National Trial Lawyers Association's list of Top 40 under 40 in Georgia. Gino serves on the executive boards of the Gate City Bar Association and Atlanta Bar Association’s Litigation and Membership sections, and he’s a member of the Atlanta Citizen’s Review Board. Gino was also a member of the 2016 LEAD Atlanta class and #Georgia Trial Lawyers Association’s LEAD Program Class of 2016. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia School of Law and #Morehouse College. He is also a proud member of #TeamParent at Miles. #thefutureofresolution
For more information about Gino and to view his online calendar, click the link in bio and navigate to "teams"> Team Parent

Alternative dispute resolution feat. Coffee 😂
頑張りまーす! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
#unilyf #alternativedisputeresolution #week1 #lawschool

No case of the Mondays today with this marvelous group of Miles mediators working hard for their clients. From left to right: Gino Brogdon, Jr.; Rusty Grant; Doug Wilde; Debbie Tarkington; Parag Shah; Matt Thiry. #MondayFunday

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