Every possible interaction between any number of particles, since the big bang, has begat the parallels of our entire universe. All the probabilities have been realized, we just aren't experiencing it. Because we are so small, and experience our own alternates.
Today I meditate on myself in the 6th dimension. What are all the probabilities? What does that mean to me?
What do you think other universes, given the same starting point but with alternate interactions, might be like?
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I rarely talk about my Olympic past so here it is in a nutshell for anyone who’s interested:
•3 years total on National Team (2 junior 1 senior)
•No major international assignments prior to 2008 (except Gymnix 2007)
•And then 10 years ago, this 1st year senior elite gets named to the 2008 Olympic Team. Wait, WHAT? Yeah I was shocked too and still can’t believe it actually🤯WHAT.AN.HONOR!
•But to be honest, reflecting back about not competing at the Olympics kinda makes you feel like a failure. We (alternates) trained exactly like everyone else but didn’t get that beloved “Olympic Experience” or Olympic tattoos (lol). No one will understand that struggle as much as my fellow alternates❤️
•I’ve never worked harder in my life than I did leading up to the Olympics, and then continuing that training as 1 of 3 alternates hoping to be called upon to compete.
•I’m SO grateful for all the times I was able to train with these amazing people (as well as all my other fellow national team ladies) and would never take back anything I’ve done, but like everyone else, I was stressed EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (Yes, even Sunday, my only day off, because I knew the next day was Monday and it started all over again.)
•I never want to go back to the mindset I had before because it was so unhealthy. I was living in a constant state of stress, anxiety, and ultimately fear.
•Now 10 years later, I’ve learned so much about myself and my body. I’m still working hard for what I want, but paying attention and listening to my body so I can live a healthy/active/manageable lifestyle while being happy✨(Yeah, those can all happen at the same time)
“Comparison is the thief of joy” (Theodore Roosevelt). As a society we’ve got to ✂️that💩out..
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