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#hashtag Hiding our Septum piercings from our conservative fam bam 👊🏻 #piercings #altchicks #tattoos #hairdressers #blacksheep #cousins #besties @shearblisspdx

I really am going to get taken one day because I keep going to people's houses to play with their dogs. 🕸🌸🕸

Still look like 💩 today so heres a shot from last week #deuces

Baby, here boy, are you crazy? Down boy
Look at your cross face, why you so serious? You’re so intense, maybe why I’m so curious
I’m a lost soul, save me, touch me, shake me, play me, love me, hate me, kiss me, take me, break me, make me yours 💖

Estaría necesitando hacer nuevas fotos pero llevo mal eso de arreglarme y parecer alguien decente 🙃
#whiteeyes #whitelenses #universe

All ready to see MIW tonight! Been waiting since I was 14 to see them! 😁🖤🤟#redhead #metal #metalshows #excitedashell #altchicks

And I love the thought of being with you,
Or maybe it's the thought of not being so alone

I rarely show my tattoos 🕸🌹🕸
Honestly, still my favorite tattoo! @canadianhalfpint thank you!

Being alive is tiring

A little late but celebrated my Irish heritage with a vegetarian shepherd's pie made from lentils, portabella mushrooms, potatoes and sundries tomatoes. Of course garlic and onion and rosemary! This could be made vegan but I used 1 egg and a little butter in the mashed potatoes. What did you do to celebrate your heritage?

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