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"You know when
Difficulties will come
Adversity will knock your door
Tragedy will befall you

Do not worry
Every single time you fall
Stand back up and say Allahu Akhbar
Every single time you deal with a difficulty Say Allahu Akhbar
Shalat will heal your wounds
It'll solve your problems
It'll ease your difficulties" -Anonymous



Pisau ukir isi 6pcs harga Rp 25.000,-

Kuas kayu kuning No.5 harga Rp 8.000,-
Kuas kayu kuning No.6 harga Rp 9.000,-
Kuas kayu kuning No.8 harga Rp 11.000,-
Kuas kayu kuning No.9 harga Rp 12.000,-
Kuas kayu kuning No.11 harga Rp 14.000,-
Kuas kayu kuning No.12 harga Rp 15.000,- .
Pisau clay VT-28A/10 harga Rp 23.500,- .
Kuas V-TEC artist brush 813/s No.2 harga Rp 10.000,-
Kuas V-TEC artist brush 813/s No.3 harga Rp 13.000,-
Kuas V-TEC artist brush 813/s No.4 harga Rp 17.000,-
Kuas V-TEC artist brush 813/s No.5 harga Rp 22.000,-
Kuas V-TEC artist brush 813/s No.6 harga Rp 26.000,- .

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