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Ya @d.ozioficial Está Dándole A Gatillero remix Mera Dime @pacho_alqaedas Yo soy El Anticristo Del Genero Leeeeeegiiiion#alqaeda #elgenero #rapeton #freepachoo

‪If you want to know about the conception and delivery of #AlQaeda,this book is for you.#goodread #wellwritten #terrorism #ISIS @yarotrof

Ali Charaf Damache, considerado líder de Al Qaeda del Magreb Islámico, compareció hoy frente a un juez federal en Filadelfia (Pensilvania) tras ser extraditado desde España a EE.UU., donde será juzgado por la Justicia ordinaria por cargos de terrorismo.

De este modo, el presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump, rompe una de sus promesas de campaña, ya que cuando era aspirante a la Casa Blanca prometió que los miembros de grupos terroristas serían enviados a la Base Naval de Guantánamo para ser juzgados allí, antes que a los tribunales civiles.

El sospechoso, extraditado desde España, fue presentado hoy ante la corte, convirtiéndose en el primer extranjero llevado a Estados Unidos para enfrentar cargos de terrorismo bajo la Presidencia de Trump.

Lea la nota completa en www.eltiempo.com.ve

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Current situation in the #syrian #arab republic .After 6 years of it being a lie...it is FINALLY true....There IS a civil war in #syria and its happening in #idlib province between #alqaeda
branch in Syria 'Hayat Tahrir Al Sham' (HTS) and the Turkish backed Ahrar Al Sham (AAS)...HTS has the clear upper hand and has retaken the the provincial capital Idlib from AAS. South in the country on the Syria - #lebanon border, the Syrian #arab army, #hezbollah and the #lebanese army have been suceeding rapidly against terrorists since the operation to clean out the area began last Friday, They have almost liberated all of the area controlled by HTS (green) in a matter of 4 days , 143 HTS terrorists have been killed whilst only 19 soldiers between the SAA LAF Hezbollah have been martyred. HTS have almost been wiped from the area and #isis ( #daesh ) is the next target . Further north in Syria the SAA have advanced rapidly a large amount of KMs from #resafa and have reached the #euphrates river by liberating a number of villages towns and Oil facilities including the Al Dakhleh village at the euphrates river thus cutting of the #sdf / #ypg and are further advancing along the Euphrates towards the beseiged city of Dayr Az Zawr , The Syrian government took advantage of the Kurdish U.S difficulties in #raqqa to achieve this great advance , its now presumed that the SAA will reach the vital gas fields north of Dayr Az Zawr before the Kurds could and thus the Kurds have agreed not to advance anymore south of the Euphrates. On the Syria - #iraq border the SAA have liberated advanced into the Dayr Az Zawr province from #homs province by liberating a number if villages and most importantly the T2 pumping station which is only 26k from the border town of Abu Kamel (Al Bukamal) which IF liberated would put the SAA ROUGHLY just over 52km away from Dayr Az Zawr. In central syria the SAA liberated the Al Heel Gas fields and a number of hills and are now within 9km from the strategic ISIS occupied stronghold Al Sukhnah , the last major ISIS stronghold on the way to Dayr Az Zawr.

Pessoa mais alto astral, engraçada, iluminada que tenho ao meu lado!! Que nossas gargalhadas se multipliquem, nossa parceria só aumente e que os anos de amizade se eternizem!! Te amo muito, parabéns!! ❤️🎉✨🎈#alqaeda @monteiroanac @patykihara @robertabittencourt_


Alhamdulillah, Akhirnya Al-Qaeda Meresmikan Afiliasi Nya Ke Kashmir .
Al-Qaeda Cabang Kahsmir dengan Nama " Anshar Ghazwatul Hind "
Sepertinya Tentara Hindu India Akan Mengalami Perlawanan Baru Dan InsyaAllah India Akan Kembali Ke Pangkuan Islam .
Siap-siap Melawan Singa-Singa Allah Penerus Perjuangan Zakir Musa .
Biidznillah.. Allahu Akbar. ☝☝☝
Ana Sebenarnya Ada Videonya Hanya Saja Kouta Tidak Memungkinkan 😛

latest in #Yemen
Green: Ansarallah and Yemeni Army
Red: Saudi and Hadi suppporters
black: Alqaeda
#Alqaeda #Yemenwar #KSA #Saudi #SaudiArabia #yemennews

Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali founded the National Police force.
Hear his talk on Afghanistan Under Siege: http://bit.ly/2tJpg5i

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This is #isis what frightens you? #alqaeda don't be a #bitch

#algerian security forces have broken up an #isis ( #daesh ) cell led by Mohamed Yacine Aknouche, a former #alqaeda commander, confirmed a security source in #algeria today. Aknouche was a terrorist based in Europe connected to the G.I.A terrorist organization who was sentenced in absentia to 8 years in prison in 2004 for a planned bomb attack in Strasbourg. Its not clear when Aknouche returned to Algeria but this week Algerian security forces captured him in #tipaza 50km along the coast west of #algiers the capital city, where he had been planning terrorist attacks on Algerian security forces. His cell was based in Ain Taggourait, a village where its nearby forest was used by them to train using homemade weapons. Terrorist attacks have become very rare in Algeria since the end of the 1990s war that killed over 200,000 people between Algeria and various large armed terrorist groups when the vast majority of those terrorists gave up and accepted a reconciliation deal proposed by the Algerian Government (after the official end of the war) however some minor splinter movements remained (formed by those who didnt accept the deal). The number of terrorist militants in Algeria was around 35,000 during the hight of that war and now only amount to 800-1000 (Mostly inhabit the mountainous and desert border areas) who are either apart of Alqaeda In the Maghreb (AQIM) or the ISIS branch in Algeria Jund Al Khilafa. The members of these groups are made up of mainly the minority of militants who refused the government reconciliation agreement. ISISs branch in Algeria Jund Al Khilafa has been tryinh to step up its recruitment process in the country ever since Algerian special forces KILLED their leader Abdel Malik Gouri in 2014 who like Aknouche, was one if the main infamous militants in the 90s war between Algeria and the various terrorist groups that eventually succumbed to Algerian strength due to seeing no option but reconcile or death. Todays success just further proves Algeria is the beating heart of the resistance in the #maghreb , the pride of the #arab in the #maghreb and that terrorism is not taken lightly by its government or people. Tahya Al Djaza'ir! 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

ISIS EXPOSED - See John Pilger, Ken O'Keefe & Gearoid O'Colmain. "ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Agency" - Ex Marine and Anti War campaigner Ken O'Keefe.
The #WaronTerror is a complete fabrication. It is a #WarofTerror using paid psychopathic mercenaries and radicalised Wahhabi Muslim Salafist extremists:

Everybody clued up knows who owns/controls Israel and the 30,000 MOSSAD agents and who runs Washington and the (controlled) MSM.
The same criminal enterprise that enacted the 1913 Federal Reserve Act and have been looting America for the last 100yrs. The same people who in 1908 bought up the largest most influential newspapers in the U.S. - bought out by the warmongering Rothschild"s using a front company, JP Morgan, (who they owned approx 80% of the Morgan shareholding) to hide what they were doing - although the Media take overs made it into a Congressional report. The newspapers editors were sacked and replaced with their own compliant editors. (In the U.S., 6 Corporations own 95% of U.S. "News" Channels). The same people that have controlling interests in the 147 companies that control 40% of the worlds 43,000 transnational corporations. 75% of those 147 companies are financial companies with HSBC, Vanguard & Blackrock being in the top ten.
#OperationGladio B is an FBI codename adopted in 1997 for ongoing relations between US intelligence, the Pentagon and #AQaeda (aka the database). It simply replaced the post WWII Cold War threat from #Russia and Communists (Operation Gladio) with the Islamic threat of Muslims as revealed by by FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds.
The objective of Operation Gladio B: "Projecting U.S. power in the former Soviet sphere of influence to access previously untapped strategic energy and mineral reserves for U.S. and European companies; pushing back Russian and Chinese power; and expanding the scope of lucrative criminal activities, particularly illegal arms and drugs trafficking." And so the clues keep stacking up:

#Israel and #Turkey are the largest purchaser of ISIS oil.
Israel and Turkey have been caught giving ISIS medical treatment.
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Everyone knows that the FSA rebels are backed by Jabat Al nusra which are from Al Qaeda

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