Meet Salem and Macy!!! Twin nannies born at 3:30pm today!!! Jackson is keeping Salem, the brown one. Macy, the black one, is going to be looking for a home. Or I might keep her. Depends on what my other goat has!!! #goats #babygoats #symfarm #twins #nannygoats #alpinegoats

I took the lid off the can we store grain in, then went to grab a new bag of feed to pour in. When I came back I discovered this critter had gotten impatient waiting for her morning meal, so she'd climbed into this 50 gallon trash can to help herself to breakfast! #lifewithgoats #selffeeder .
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First time in the parlor as a real dairy girl. 💕 Man, that baby sitter is a real helicopter “mom” (dad?) #englishshepherd #farmcollie #poppythealpine #girlpower

Look what I found at Home Goods! 🐐🌱#LostInTrillium

This little guy finally decided to show up! #babygoats #alpinegoats #stillworkingonaname

Crazy Goat Lady. 🤪🐐 #LostInTrillium

Yesterday we had to take one of our kids to the vet. She was born on Monday, and was initially fine. She was following us around everywhere. Eating. Snuggling.
2 days ago we started noticing changes in her behavior. She was isolating herself. Not eating. Lethargic. And a lot more vocal than usual.
We took her to the vet yesterday morning. I figured she just had a stomach bug, and needed some meds. She would be back in no time and continue being her cute spunky self.
We received a phone call saying she died an hour after we dropped her off at the vet. It was before the vet even got to see her. No real explanation behind what happened. I suppose it’s a guessing game for a lot of vets. Maybe she was born with a condition. Maybe she contracted an infection. Who knows.
Life has been crazy the past few weeks. We’ve lost a total of 3 goats while we’ve been here, 1 doe and 2 kids. This one is hard to process. She was fine a few days ago. How can this happen, I keep asking myself? Is it something I did wrong? I wish we took her to the vet sooner. She was in my arms right before she passed. It’s just hard to grasp. Within a blink of an eye she was gone. Processing death is foreign to me, yet has become prevalent the past few weeks.
I woke up with a pounding headache from crying myself to sleep.
What is life trying to teach me? What is the significance of their losses? Why does it hurt so bad?
To cherish my time with my loved ones. To love whole heartedly, even though it hurts sometimes. And that you never know what can happen. Some things are out of your hands. And you just need to accept it for what it is. No matter how shitty the circumstances.
To my sweet little girl: I love you so much, and your moms miss you. I wish you were back in my arms. And following me around the house everywhere I go. May you Rest In Peace with Gata and her little girl. 💛 #RIP #LostInTrillium

Gully ended our kidding season with - surprise, surprise - TWO MORE BOYS. Our total for the year is 9 boys, 3 girls. But mom and babies are doing well, and at the end of the day that's all I want.
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First time outside

I have a mild goat obsession. #CrazyGoatLady #LostInTrillium

Sophia's a first time mom but seems like a seasoned veteran. All I've had to do is take pics.

We have a really nice crop of yearling does, but due to some changes we've made in our breeding program I'm offering this registered experimental and her twin for sale. They are beautiful, healthy and come from great milking lines. #dairygoats #alpinegoats #oberhasli #alpineoberhasli #homesteading #goatmilk #selfsufficiency

Welcome to the farm.

Sometimes I question why we decided to come back for kidding season. My love for animals seems to overcome my decision making skills.
Being an empath makes this such a difficult and emotional experience. The heartache of losing my little babies really has an impact on me. I know I have 20 other kids that put a smile on my face. But every time one of them leaves me, it hurts.
I got to meet the family that was lucky enough to take this little man home. They seemed like they were fit to raise him and care for him.
But I couldn’t help but lose my shit and breakdown in front of them. All I could say to the little teen holding him was, “Please take good care of him.” Embarrassed by my emotional response, I ran off. (hotmess)
We have 3 more weeks on this farm. I’m feeling a little drained and trapped. Hoping to get a change of scenery after our last doe gives birth. We’re currently bottle feeding 20 kids, 5 times a day. It’s safe to say, I never want to pick a baby bottle up again. 🍼🙅🏻‍♀️
But it gives me an excuse to squeeze, and torture them with kisses each time. So I suppose it’s worth it. 🐐💋💛✨ #CrazyGoatLady #MrFreckles #LostInTrillium

Missing my little lover boy. 😭💔 #IHateGoodbyes #MrFreckles #LostInTrillium

Came home to this!

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