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we're heading for London & Paris for the holidays. would love recommendations on food + fun if you have any 💙

i love winter getaways, there's something so
magical about snowy peaks & delicious meals with views. ❄️❄️❄️

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As someone with absolutely no background in photography or filming I often find it really hard to show you guys how truly magical some of these places are.. it’s so hard to do them justice! Here is a super shaky GoPro video of American Lake near Aspen, CO ❤️

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I'll never get tired of walking these ridges. Even when it means setting an alarm for 4:30AM to catch the early morning light.
📷: @austinjackson29

Leave the world a better place than how you found it ❤️ #dreamliferevolution 📸: @diabeticyogini


It’s astonishing to me how much my own happiness is tied up in theirs.
When they are happy, it is infinitely easier for me to be so. Sometimes I simply cannot help but be so.
And when they are sad or hurt, I feel pain for them. Smiles and laughter become less frequent. My energy becomes focused on fixing whatever it is that keeps them from the happiness I want for them at every moment.
If that is not what it means to be family, I don’t know what is...

Nature needs All our love and care ... Please visit Indonesia, because Indonesia is a Beautiful Country! 🌄🌈⛅
📷 : Bang pacar 😘
#PendakiIndonesia #GunungIndonesia #IndoMountain #WanitaGunung #id_pendaki #PendakiCantik #AlpineBabes #GunungBinaiya #Maluku #earthpix #SevenSummitsIndonesia

a selfie... because I’ve been hibernating all weekend and I have no new adventures to share 🤓 and, an inspirational quote, so you know I’m more than just a pretty face: “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” - Socrates

It was a great day volunteering at Jr. Ski Patrol day at @crystalmountain. @SheJumps' Wild Skills youth events teach young girls (8-18) the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring. #iamsj #forceofnature

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I love reading but most of all I love words that link beautifully together in quotes, sayings, poetry... whatever you want to call it. It’s words that touch the soul & this one gives me the feels.... ‘I want to ask you about your vision of perfection in an imperfect world, or what side of the earth calls out to you when you touch a physical globe, or maybe about your greatest heartache and how you still go on as your world continues turning, or what you do with a memory once lodged inside your bones that’s still breathing and burning. But you're still a stranger and I'm overly polite, so I'll ask all about your day when I'd rather know about your life’ - Viktoria Erickson ❤️
Pc: @jackmeighan #mybanff #twojacklake

Dodged through about a million blowdowns on this hike, but this was a nice 100 yards. Crazy to see the aftermath of the Norse Peak Fire.

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The best index to a person's character is (a) how he treats people who can't do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can't fight back. (Quote by - Abigail Van Buren)
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Dreamy day at Dream Lake! Incredible weather, even got some sunshine for a bit. Hardly even a breeze. Wonderful day spent with my babe.

I can’t believe how big my sweet boy is. I see a little less baby in him every day and the toddler stage is slowly creeping up on us. Seeing you grow brings us so much {joy}, but I wouldn’t mind it if time stood still for a while💫🎁

Spring in New Zealand means Lupins and a happy Kelsey ☺️🏔☀️🌷🌸 #leave4wallsbehind

Dancing in the Lupins at sunset ☺️🏔☀️🌸🌷 #leave4wallsbehind

New Zealand in Spring means Lupins and a happy Kelsey ☺️🏔☀️🌷🌸 #leave4wallsbehind

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping for the first time and I think I finished today #procrastinationatitsfinest #onlineshopping 📷: Sadie

🌗Carpe Noctem🌗Seize the night. Doesn't get much better than sleeping on a rock plateau watching a meteor shower and waking up to a mountain sunrise👌✨

Wishing my pride and joy the happiest birthday ever! I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I rescued my favorite girl in the whole wide world. Maddie has brought me so much love and happiness to my life and I wouldn’t ever trade her for anything. She’s the best dog ever and an even better adventure buddy. I am so blessed to have such a sweet and loyal girl. Happy 5th birthday Mads! Momma loves you so much💗🎉🎀🎈🐺 #pnwonderdogs

I wish my life was as calm as this water #kidding #actuallynotkidding <@sam.joey>

Spent the day teaching the next generation of ski patrollers. Shout out to @shejumps, @crystalmountainpatrol and @christy_pelland for such a rad day 🗻🎿❄️

Sorry I can’t stop with the cool canyon pictures.

Feelin it from hereee ✌🏻
Fist snow in Le Boi last night, and the fam is comin in hot fer snuggles and skiin!!

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And many that believed came, and confessed, and shewed their deeds. (Quote by - Bible)
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Had an awesome hike today up to Mirror Lake (which is actually dry in this season) but amazingly since it was so cold and cloudy, half the hike it was actively snowing! ❄️ It was the coolest thing ever, and totally unexpected. Thank you Mindy and Rick for showing me this great place and getting me into the Gorgonio mountain wilderness! This picture is slightly deceptive FYI; our hike crossed this dirt road, but we didn’t hike along it - but it caught me as a great picture moment. A fire came through here a few years ago, so there are so many half burned areas but still so much life. Seriously, so many colors and weathers today. The best. 🌲❤️

Stunning day out at Bennet Pass.

So many laughs and fun times with these ladies this weekend!

What do you mean the side holsters aren’t for holding whipped cream? 😱😂 thanks to some rad @mtnchicks for joining us for some hot chocolate and a hike out to Dog Mountain lookout this morning (and thanks to @katym9photo for her amazing photo skills! I highly recommend checking her work out 🤗) #mtnchicks #mtnchicksdoitbetter #mtnchickscanada

Nothing satisfies my palate quite like crossing a glacier in a tank top surrounded by peaks and cool people. 🗻 #watchyourstep
....📷 @jamiejunker

It felt like a good day to be a unicorn.

It’s hard not to always be cheesin’ when you are so happy to be living in such a beautiful place with such beautiful people 🧀 — PC @isaacseemstohave

Blue Ridge Vibes 💙. Living in NC has its perks - hiked the gorge today, witnessed a solid sunset, and froze my butt off but only a little bit. #blueridgemountains

Who else enjoys making new friends in 30mph winds?🙋🏻‍♀️Apparently it’s a thing I do (*cough* @dayswitholive *cough*). I also had the opportunity to experience the surprise inhale of my own snot. So, it was a great day 🐢🤣

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Lately, I was feeling bleh - yes, even I get some of those days. Mainly cause when I have an injury I can't do those things I enjoy the most.. A little nostalgia from a year back, on 16/12/16, I was starting a great #adventure that marked the beginning of something bigger than expected. I was traveling from Mexico to Chile, to start my #Aconcagua #expedition. That moment I had no expectations and had no idea of the far-reaching effects this would have. I still remember the nerves I felt by not knowing what I was about to face - facing myself was the biggest challenge, because fortunately I was physically prepared. This journey was more than only an expedition, it brought me things I never imagined I would have. When I set out to climb Aconcagua it was a personal test, I wanted to see if I was just avoiding my "reality", or if taking the path of a life in the mountains was something I really wanted to do. Because dropping everything to follow a dream is never easy. A day from today I decided to leave my "bubble" looking to get farther than my eyes could see. I found more than what I was expecting. I found a world full of possibilities, that today a year after starting this unknown journey, I am still reaping rewards. •
📷 I was doing the False Polish Traverse from camp 1 to camp 2. In the back is Vacas Valley in Aconcagua ⛰💗

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you say four hour car ride, i️ say four hour concert featuring me 👩🏻‍🎤

Have the next few weeks of December off. Looking forward to decompressing from a crazy past few months and hopefully getting outside with my little one. ❄️🌨

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When the sun goes down and you don't want to leave.
That view.... 😍

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