You guys! I am OFFICIALLY an @alphapackfitness ambassador!! I am SO EXCITED to join this awesome community and rep such a great company. Their summer line is about to drop with NEW shorts coming August 3rd so mark your calendars!!! If you want a discount use my code “eat.balance.love” for $$ off!! Happy FriYAY 🙌🏻

Fit soldier couple 💪 What do you think about the pic! Follow for more amazing fitness pics and videos.

👉 @our_strong_planet
👉 @our_strong_planet
👉 @our_strong_planet

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I said in 3 months I’d get my physique somewhat like it used to be when i came back from the Navy, and im damn proud of how i am standing right! 💪🏼💯

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Haven’t posted a flex pic in a little while so here we are ❤️❤️ Slimming down pretty nicely I would say. And wearing my favorite workout set @lornajaneactive 😘😘.
Is it just me or does wearing a matching gym set make your workout ten times better? 🔥🔥🔥..
▫️Wearing @lornajaneactive.
▫️ @pescience preworkout..
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Have a great day my lovelies 😘. Thank you for the support ALWAYS! ❤️.
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First of all, I think my arms got smaller as my double chin got worse BUT THAT’S OKAY 😰
Aside from that, here’s a juicy exercise for your triceps.
One awesome thing about this exercise is that this arm positioning puts the long head of your tricep (the big daddy that runs down the back of your arm) in a stronger position compared to performing regular tricep pushdowns where your arms are down at your sides. This is beneficial because that means your are better targeting the long head of your triceps with this exercise.
Another benefit is that the most challenging part of the exercise (the beginning of the rep) is where your triceps are strongest. Then as you push the weight forward the exercise gets easier as your triceps get weaker. This is great because it will allow you to use the most amount of weight while effectively maintaining optimal tension on the triceps.
Lastly, the bench support keeps you locked in place so you can use any momentum, which of course is great for solely targeting your triceps without the help of any additional muscles.
Try to disregard how small I look here and give this a try!!
Ps I know most gyms don’t have this attachment but a rope attachment can work as well. However I did buy this off amazon for around $25 and it was a great investment !

I love floating on watermelon just as much as I love eating it🍉

After a long busy week, it was so nice to spend the day chilling at camp with my bff & mom🌞 so thankful for the little things in life... like my fav floatie!! And even the AWESOME sun burn I got😅🤷🏻‍♀️ but seriously guys, so THANKFUL💘😌

Life is good, and I’ve been focusing on appreciating my surroundings much more lately💫

What’s one thing YOU’RE thankful for today?! Let me know in the comments👇🏼

Happy Friday #kmfitfam and of course, ily all💓 thankful for you guys🤗

Code “kmfit15” to save $ @nutrakey 💚🔑

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The all new AP V-Scrunch Shorts will be officially released August 3rd. 🙌🏻 @nicoleaxelson #alphapackfitness tag a friend that loves booty scrunch! 😍

Just trying to build some hamstrings and glutes over here💪🏼
I’ve always naturally put on muscles easier in my lower body, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to work any less hard on it. In the past I feel like I took this as an opportunity to stay stagnant with a lot of my lifts and get settled into a comfort zone. For example, 135lbs was always my default weight for squats and I never pushed myself beyond that from lack of confidence or self doubt. Took today to focus on mostly heavy compound lifts and increasing the weight to a point where I was feeling challenged but still able to maintain good form.
Just bumping everything up by 10lbs and being able to do the same number of reps and sets as usual was enough to show me that I’m a lot stronger than I think and need to be pushing my limits even more during this growing season. This is your sign to add more weight to your lifts today, even if it’s just 5lbs💪🏼

Wearing my fave brand @alphapackfitness always 😏their summer collection is about to drop and includes new color crops and some sweeet shorts hallelujah 🙌🏻 keep an eye out for the launch date babes! 😘

Self-love and positive thinking is awesome guys, and I'm so glad our community is putting such an emphasis on this. However, this can be dangerous too. Be careful of becoming a person who thinks they are entitled. It's nice to think highly of yourself, but don't let this be an excuse for your actions, or lack of them. Don't let all these positive affirmations and self-love talk illude you into thinking you're successful. Self-love talk should convince you that you're capable, not that you've done something. Take responsibility for your actions. I've been guilty of this before myself. For instance, giving 80% effort in your workouts isn't going to yeild you 100% effort results. Yes, celebrate the victory that you made it to the gym and finished the workout. But don't let that be enough. Don't let that trick you into being "okay" with half-assing things. You don't deserve the same results as someone who gave their all, just because you tried and failed. Evaluate your mistakes, take responsibility for them, and go back in with a plan to improve the next time. Because you are not entitled to success by any means. You are not the best you simply because you have a positive attitude. Don't be an entitled human, earn your success. Rant over.
📩 Coaching application in bio
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• Coach: @fearstofit

I’m 70% nicer on Fridays after 4 pm & in new gym sets 🙌🏻 #sorryitstrue


HOW GOOD ARE THESE ANGLES 😀👌🏼.....bear with me 😩
→ cable tricep extensions 10 x 4
→ tri-set (perform all 3 in a circuit for 3 rounds)
• 10 plate shoulder presses
• 10 plate bicep curls
• 10 plate upright rows
→ cable bicep curls 10 x 4
→ superset with cable upright rows 10 x 4
→ dumbell flys 10 x 4
→ superset with single arm arnold presses 10 x 4
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