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Barcelona Bound ✈️☀️ No matter how cold it is, it’s like a rule you have to wear shorts to the airport 🤓 #shortshorts

6 a.m. i’m up practicing my posing making sure when the time comes i’m more than prepared to MURK everyone i compete against. —
I keep telling myself to step on stage but something(my legs) is holding me back and idk what it is. Oh well maybe as time goes on i’ll figure it out.

But hey, i’m not complaining. I love where i am at and the way things have been going i’m ready to work harder than i ever have to get what i need to be at the top of my game.

P.s yes thats piss in my toilet. I took a piss. Find out in my next post if i chose to flush it or not. #stayswole

Surprise dinner and movie date with Chris ❤️🧡 @chris.w.hardacre

You trippin tho 😁💁🏻‍♀️😏

Shoulder workout at the new gym @emfitnesscentres , loving all the new Equipment that they have, so much variety.
If you would like to try the workout yourself I’ll list what we did below.
Arnold press 4x15
Side raise 4x15
Rear Delt 4x20
Y-Raise 4x15
Shoulder press 3x8
Face pulls 3x15

Let me know if you do this workout.

@elitesuppsaustralia &

• Yolo la team fit ✌🏽

• Aujourd’hui la motivation n’était pas là mais malgré tout j’ai fais toute ma séance 👊🏽 On a tous connu des journées comme ça sans peps, sans force etc.. Mais le plus important c’est de relever la tête le lendemain 💪🏽

• Sinon une séance pectoraux était au programme, avec de l’isolation sur la fin, puis pour finir une séance #abs, il ne faut pas négliger les obliques qui sont autant important que les abdos transverse et le grand droit 🔥👌🏽

• Citation du jour :
« Le plus difficile est de se décider à agir, le reste n’est que de la ténacité » 💪🏽

• Learn More, Dream More, Be More #TeamAlphalete 🐺
• Bonne soirée à vous, portez vous bien ✌🏽
• Photo : @charles__fit

- cardio -
Today is my cardio day.
It’s so important to do cardio
For a long life a healthy heart is necessary
I think running is the best form of cardio but any sort of activity which increases your heart rate, makes you sweat and want to stop, is cardio
Today I’m going to do 30mins on the treadmill, walking and running (6-12mph), 30mins on the step machine (idk what it’s exactly called) and 30mins cool down cycling

So i do the treadmill and step machine at a highish intensity burning around 200 calories on each. Then I’ll cycle at a low intensity as a cool down but something to keep moving and burn a few extra calories :)) #fitness #gym #workout #work #legday #upperbodyday #lowerbodyday #armworkout #legworkout #health #nutrition #gymshark #alphalete #ab #weightloss #fitgirl #fatloss #bodypositive

just a one take no edit or filter. .
Personally i think that If you're considering to start a fitness journey and you've never done it before you need to be a little Tunnel visioned.
The mentality that you should adopt going into this fitness journey is one of 100% commitment.
I think if you've never had drastic transformation, then its far too easy for you to roll back into your comfort zone. .
When it comes to a drastic transformation, there is no half assing it or let me balance it in my life. Because, at this moment your comfort zone is too comfortable. .
You currently lack the discipline to achieve balance and your current balance might even be I eat whatever I want, exercise if I feel like it and drink whenever my friends call me.
Now, If you've already done a transformation before then you will know what it takes mentally, intellectually, scientifically and physically so then adding balance is no problem. You will still reach your goal because you know yourself very well and you've done it before without becoming overly obsessive.
However, if you're a first timer and more often than not lapsed in self discipline/control side of things then having a balanced life at this point of time isn't the best option for you.
I believe that for you to make any measurable changes you'll really need a strong resolve and strong reason and a 100% commitment to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal for the time frame that you have given yourself. .
And if you decide to do it, you'll make huge changes to your lifestyle, physique and mentality.
#健身 #肌肉 #肌肉男 #運動 #重訓 #堅持 #訓練 #fullbodyworkout #minicut #cutting #fatloss #summershredding #christianguzman #fullbodyworkouts #leanbulk #cardio #cutlife #gymshark #bulkingup #alphalete #fitspo #running #transformation #aesthetics #motivation #gains #aesthetics

Up your knowledge on training and ESPECIALLY diet and stay consistent.

#throwback on a Friday - here’s @g18evans in our first ever photoshoot at @undergroundgymbtn #shorefitness

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