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Nothing like eating the memories of my mission with some argentine treats❤️ alfajores, dulce de leche y galletas. #aguanteargentina #alphajores #lapequeñita #argentina

Come meet Alvaro and taste his Alphajores at CMB tomorrow Sunday from 11 & Happy Mother's Day! #limanjar #alphajores #chelseamarket #mothersday

Я полюбил эту работу😏
Кайф,когда выходишь с фабрики,а от тебя прет карамелью и шоколадом,выпечкой,медом,и когда все это вместе..ммм..так вот пахнет фабрика #alphajores 🍪

Just finished filling 8 dozen #alphajores cookies. 6 dozen are spoken for but I have two dozen available if anyone would like them I can deliver tomorrow $10 a dozen #bestcookiethateverwas #dulcedelechefilling

Weihnachten ins Büro 🎄🎉 Navidad en la ofi 🎅🏻 #christmas #colegas #Alphajores #navidades


My favourite tool in the kitchen is my rolling pin. It's made from the Palo Santo wood that grows in parts of South America. In Spanish the name literally means "Holy Wood"It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.I brought her back with me from Paraguay 13+ years ago,and still after all these years I can still smell the Palo Santo.

Making some fresh home made dulce de leche. Dulce de Leche is a heavenly substance. At first glance, it looks a little like caramel, but it’s actually sweetened milk that’s been heated long enough to cause a caramelizing to occur. That’s the long-winded explanation, so here’s the short one: It’s creamy, dreamy substance used as an ingredient in so many desserts. And best of all our cookies. Alphajores

Our Alfajores are handcrafted just as they would be made in Argentina.They are filled with Dulce de Leche. Perfect for gatherings, special occasion ,dessert tables, as favours for your wedding and so much more. This simple cookie is anything but! ★ Made-to-order
★ Baked with fresh and natural ingredients, no preservatives
★ Filled with Dulce de Leche (caramel)
★Our Alfajores may stay fresh in room temperature for up to 10 days after delivery (can be placed in the freezer for up to 2 months)

Look at these beautiful farm fresh eggs!!! I just love all the colours. We buy our eggs from a local small egg farmer. Her chickens are living the life, outdoors ,clean coop. Dirt bathing,sun bathing. They're happy 🐣! ...and it doesn't break the bank 15$ for TWO flats. I find most of the time it's someone's kids that are working hard with the chickens and the money goes to their activities/or just teaching them about work and animal care. I'll support a hard working kid any day ! #farmfreshisalwaysbest #happyhenslayhealthyeggs

All you need is love & a few cookies❤️👊 Happy St.Patricks day #Alfajores #alfie #dulcedelache

A balanced life is a cookie in each hand 🙌

Just finished filling 8 dozen #alphajores cookies. 6 dozen are spoken for but I have two dozen available if anyone would like them I can deliver tomorrow $10 a dozen #bestcookiethateverwas #dulcedelechefilling

Woke up extra early today to get my orders all done from last week :) I'm excited to say I received another half dozen orders this am. If you haven't yet ordered and you'd like some #alphajores cookies I'll be busy baking all weekend so don't be afraid to PM or DM. These cookies freeze well and we're not stingy on the #dulcedeleche filling :) 10$ a dozen #missionstrip #fundraiser #vaneats #bestcookiesever #instafood #motherhoodisthebesthood #fromscratch #homemade

Thank you to everyone who has ordered cookies or the dulce de leche to help Kimmy raise money for her missions trip. I'm baking up a storm while the baby sleeps and Kimmy will be filling them when she gets home from school :) For those of you still waiting for your cookies and Dulce de leche , thank you for your patience I'll have everything delivered by Friday :) Be sure to check this Thur to see what we'll be selling I'm leaning towards something salty ☺️ #dulcedeleche #alphajores #fundraiser #missionstrip #vaneats #instafood #fromscratch

My daughter is going to Mexico #casadeluz #primotapia on a missions trip with her youth group this summer. We will be selling fresh home made baked goods every week. This week we are selling #alphajores #cookies freshly baked by us. Filled with #dulcedeleche . These cookies are delicious :) 10$ a dozen dm me on IG or pm me on Facebook. #missionstrip #vaneats #instafood #fromscratch

I got what I want for #Christmas ! #alphajor #alphajores #oneofmyfavorites #sweets #dulcedeleche #christmaseve #dessert #nicecoworkers He might have been alarmed at how excited I was by this!

Weihnachten ins Büro 🎄🎉 Navidad en la ofi 🎅🏻 #christmas #colegas #Alphajores #navidades

3 dozen ,out of the 7 dozen #alphajores cookies looking for their Christmas home 😊$10 a dozen or take all 3 for 25$ pm me for pickup #dulcedeleche #fromscratch #bestcookieever

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