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Met my #alopecian #doppelganger tonight 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Love meeting other Alopecians, big or small!! Was a pleasure to meet you Oscar and dad Nick to talk all things Alopecia!!! @purplesneakers77 @alopeciaaaaf @alopeciauk #alopeciaawareness #alopecian #alopecia

2nd year alopecia free anniversary 🎈
#alopecian #hairgrowth

The Bible says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made💕 happy 18th to me.. celebrating my birthday and my freedom! #alopecian

I love my bald head!💎 and my fellow Alopecians
#NormanFreeman #Alopecian #alopeciaawareness

#happyinternationalalopeciaday 💙 boy, has it been a rough, but eye opening journey #alopecian #alopeciaawareness

So here is a new first :-) my first time going out for a public something with my new slightly 'reimagined' hairline - no headband today and caring way less about it ;-) the fun of #alopecia ophiasis pattern :-) #hair #nohair proud #alopecian


Anyone with hair can absolutely NOT say " it's just hair " .....really Susan!!?? Sure I'm starting to accept myself without my hair .But look at me with my hair. I look like a while different person. The confidence level is different. It's a whole different world! #alopecia #alopecian #itsawholenewworld #donthateappreciate #spreadthelove #cheesysmile ❤❤🤘🤘

Today's #ootd is 🎶"all about that lace, about that lace, no pleather..." 🎶ok so truly a stretch making those lyrics fit, but I love the simplicity of the lace capped sleeves on this shirt, the gold zipper on both the shirt and skirt, and the lace skirt. Having everything black and white today had me super happy! Sometimes, no matter how much people tell you you look cute or pretty or fancy or whatever, it's just hard to believe. What I've learned through the past couple years is if I do anything to please someone else and not because I like it myself I will more than likely be disappointed in the reaction of whoever else. So, the challenge today is to do things that you like. Wear clothes you like whether they're stylish or trendy or whatever. Feel good in what you're wearing because you like it. If you need help finding yourself again and enjoying who you are, I'm here. I've been lost in the mix of what everyone else thinks... I've disappointed others quite a bit and been disappointed many times as well. No one deserves to stay there. Take that first step and message me! Ccdfitness@gmail.com or find me on Facebook as Caryn's Crew. I'd love to connect with you! ❤️ You are loved!

Como ella también es una cabecita brillante, compartimos su historia, bravo Júlia💙

#Repost @julsvin (@get_repost)
(English below)

El sábado pasado cumplí 30 años, 23 de los cuales he vivido contigo, alopecia. Cuando aún era pequeña, te llevaste a mi pelo y, aunque sea algo superficial, te he sufrido muchísimo. Te he escondido tanto de los demás que, sin darme cuenta, me escondí incluso de mi misma y dejé de ver quien soy. En estos años vividos con miedo me he sentido muy sola, rara y fea, y además te he culpado por ello.

Pero ya no quiero esconderte más, ni quiero odiarte, incluso me gustas (a ratos 😜). Yo soy yo contigo, no huyendo de ti.
La vida me ha repartido estas cartas y, entrando en la 3a década de mi vida, he decidido dejar de enfadarme con ellas y jugarlas con todas sus consecuencias. Es más, en honor a todo el sufrimiento que he pasado y a todas las personas que sufrimos por lo mismo, lo hago públicamente:

Hola, soy Júlia y tengo alopecia.

Gracias por la inspiración @alopeciauk @thebaldiemovement
@lidiavalmur y a tantos más ❤

Last saturday I turned 30, and for the last 23 of these years, I have lived with you, alopecia.

When I was still too young, you took my hair away, I know it might be something shallow, but I have suffered that loss deeply. I have hidden you from others so much that unwillingly I even hid from myself, I didn't see me for who I was. In these fearful years I have felt lonely, weird and ugly, and I blamed you for that.

But I don't want to hide you anymore, nor hate you, I even kind of like you (sometimes😜). I am me with you, not running away from you.

Life has dealt me this cards and, as I start the 3rd decade of my life, I have decided to stop fighting them and play them to their last consecuences. Even more, to honour all the suffering I have been through, and also to honour all of you who suffer like me, I announce publicly:

Hi, I am Julia and I have alopecia.

Thank you to my beloved and inspiring @alopeciauk @thebaldiemovement @lidiavalmur and so many more. ❤

#alopecia #alopeciaawareness #baldisbeautiful #alopeciaawarenessmonth #septiembrepelon #septiembremesdelaalopecia #alopecian #nohairdontcare #beyou

This is a personal fave!! Sweet potato is high beta carotene which converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps in the growth of healthy cells and tissues. This includes the hair and scalp.
It is also very high in vitamin c which is a important component in building collagen. Which is an essential part of hair growth.
If sweet potatoes aren't your thing carrots are an awesome alternative.

Did u know?????? Looking for a Alopecia model????? DM me for more details and send your pic I have a special surprise for the best candidate call for details......#alopecia #alopeciaawareness #alopeciamodel #alopecianbeauty #alopeciaareata #alopeciauniversalis #alopeciatotalis #atlalopecia #alopecian #alopecia

Some midweek motivation from wiser folk than we to get you through the Wednesday blues 💜

Keeping yourself grounded in the here and now while chasing your dreams is a tricky balance.
Connect with your loved ones, the here and now, the things around you that matter. Never forget your dreams and goals and the stars you're going to reach. You have what it takes, and you have support if you need it. You've got this.
#alopecia #alopeciaareata #alopeciaawareness #AAAF #embracealopecia #motivation

Oh hey there! Just hanging out on my fire escape during this beautiful day! #ootd today was a #Levis jean skirt and a sleeveless top from #express (actually from Rugged Wearhouse....love that place!). Flats from Target (another favorite place to buy clothes because they actually fit!) This weather is perfect for the #bootcamp coming up in #bakerpark tonight at 6:15. I'd love to see you there! It's game night in honor of the #greatFrederickfair being in town! See you in a bit!

Working on it everyday... 🌸

Happy girls are the prettiest girls 💁


You go girl. Embrace bald.

This tasty fruit is a breakfast favourite! It's jam packed with nutrients and minerals like vitamin B, fibre, pectin, magnesium and silica. Silica is the main focus here as it helps to improve the thickness of your hair.
Bananas are not only great to eat, they can be mixed with some of the oils discussed last week to create a rich hair mask that can help to strength the hair and give it a glorious shine.
Quick tip - opt for organic bananas when possible

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