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OKAY I KNOW I MESSED UP ON THE LYRICS OKAI? IM SO HAPPY MY CRUSH ASKED ME OUT TODAY IM SHSHJSJS but I get so nervous when he calls me it’s unbelievable I’m 🌸
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Goals 😍

Tag your craziest best friend!👀😂

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i need to start watching brazillian tv shows 😂
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Malu talking about me in her live 😍💘I FUCKING LOVE HER SOOO MUCH 😩💖 CANT WAIT TO SEE HER TOMORROW 🔥❤️
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I have no words💀what is this? Baby girl you can't rap. Stick to your shitty internet persona 😇

Type AMEN🙏

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me asf 😂

what are y'all thoughts on this ?? Did she deserve to get beat up or nah ??

lmao mood 😍

Yessss love wins 🤞💕 🌈

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Better than the iPhone X tbh 😭

“[Beauty To Me Is Ab Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin. That, Or A Kick-Ass Red Lipstick”]

sjsj I really want hali’a to notice me again :(💗 tag her for she to notice

dt to comments & halia

#editing #halianation #alohahalia #haliabeamer #photo #musically #create

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