You’re invited to join us for our Live Sling Event June 29th at 12 noon PST on our Aloha and Light Chit Chat, Support and B/S/T! This will be your chance at Exclusive, One of a Kind, Eco, Water Friendly Tussah Silk Slings! Yep that’s right, you’ll have first dibs on our new “Over the Rainbow” Collection!
Here’s what you can expect:
Changes- Due to the unexpected and amazing amount of rapid growth we will be making some changes. You will not be able to purchase a sling until after our live event ends, but be sure to be there to gain access to exclusive live event pricing and preview of all slings that will be available for sale!

Live Event Pricing!

Black Label Slings! (Perfected color & placement.) Mermiad Slings!

Exclusive Tribe Member Pricing!

Linen Clear Out! (Perfect time to grab a gift!)
Limited Ring colors, surprises and more!
First to say Aloha at our live event will receive a free deck of Women’s Empowerment Cards by the gorgeous and talented Lauren Tannehill @TheRenegadeMama! (The first Aloha we see come up on our device will get the deck and we will confirm this live!). Luck of the draw! Join our Tribe at our Live Sling Event by donating as little as $25 to our Aloha and Light Safe Space for Women and children in need! The highest donation received will receive a free surprise gift, which we will announce the winner and the prize shortly after! If you join the day of the event, it will allow you immediate access to Tribe Member pricing. We will give you a temporary code the day of the live event so pay close attention as we will be announcing the temporary code for new members at the close of our live event. Here’s how you join: Comment your “email” for invoice, “safe space” and the “donation amount” (minimum $25). We will send you an email a few days after the event with your Tribe Member Code, which will allow you 15% off all regular priced items in our store for one year. Interested in joining now? Here’s the link! https://alohaandlight.com/products/aloha-light-tribe-membership-helping-one-mother-at-a-time

We will also be announcing a code to use for joining us at our live event. Cont. in comments below...❤️✨

There’s a million slings in the sea, but mine’s a Mermaid!✨🧜🏼‍♀️ Aloha and Light

Sleepy dust in action! Got some cuddles in while daddy rotatilled garden, and we all ended up playing in the dirt afterwards. 😂😂😂 #michigram #garden #cuddles #ringsling #alohaandlight #alohaandlightringsling #sunkiss @alohaandlight #backyard #playinginthedirt #michigannights

Oh how we love summer days! ✨ @greysonandemmi Wearing OOAK Peony Shores, aka Rose Gold.

A water friendly ringsling is amazing... Sammy was actually content the whole time we were in the pool today. We love our @alohalighttribe @alohaandlight #livingthenorthvegaslife #samueljosephbrandon #poollife #alohaandlight #maldivessling

This little mama in training knows how to get the job done! ✨🐔✨💜✨💙💖 Happy weekend everybody! Little chicken all wrapped in aloha, Aloha and Light! @purpleorchidmama

Thank you for all the follows already guys !

I'm not going to be officially launching this account till next week
This is simply an acct to streamline my business and services. Follow our journey as we help the people in our community with birth and child support ♡♡♡ #alohaandlight @alohaandlight

✨Be sure to watch this incredible mama warrior tonight on Ninja Warrior/NBC. Goddess @charity.grace Wearing OOAK Blue Mermiad Eco! ✨🌊✨ Way to go mama. You’re an inspiration to so many!

✨“The moon doesn’t consider one phase better than another; she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?” Cristen Rodgers 🍃 Goddess @oh_thathippiemomwlotsofkids wearing Love and Forest Eco sling. ✨🍃🌸

It's a sling snuggles, cookie delivery sort of day. 💕Next up, catching up on my inbox and enjoying the sunshine! #happybaby #alohaandlight #slingsnuggles #wearallthebabies #momlife

✨Don’t miss out on our Pre-Order! Happening Now until Saturday or until Sold out! Shop Alohaandlight.com! Blue Shibori, Rose Gold, Canyon, High Tide, and Nature! Scroll to view available colors!

Happy Aloha Monday! Our shop is now stocked with remainder of ecos and sale priced linen! ✨ Don’t forget to use your Tribe code of 15% off for an extra discount!

My sweet little pea is turning 2 this week and I’m having major nostalgia for this little squish. #liliakai #gemini #alohaandlight

Emmi wasn’t too sure about the beach but she soon warmed up to it and now she’s obsessed! 😂😍

It was cloudy today but that’s alright! Gives our sunburn a bit of a break to heal 🤣

I didn’t take many beach pictures today but we had a fun beach day! So fun that both kids passed out hard on the way home! See next post 😂


When you really want a family picture but your kids act miserable after they were smiling two seconds before 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Big sis wearing little sis at the Del Mar Fair! 🙌🏽✨💞 #alohaandlight

All Rose Gold Everything 😍😍😍
Did you know that rose gold is not a true form of gold and is actually an alloy of gold and copper? The highest karat rose gold is 22 karat and is sometimes called "crown gold". It is considered the most romantic of the golds and is my personal favorite (as if you couldn't tell 😍😂)
Get our 22 KARAT OMBRÈ for 20% off in our Etsy shop for 24 hours only! Use the code BBDESIGNADAY to save 👑👑
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