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Aha! You thought the #almostdirtypile was over. It isn't. But I kind of gave up on these pants and started calling them pajamas.

Changed out of church clothes, ready for Oyster Festival, blouse from hanging #almostdirtypile.

This dress was not technically in the #almostdirtypile, but hanging in the almost dirty section of the closet. I think it counts.

The shorts from the #almostdirtypile had to be worn. So they might as well be worn with thigh high boots and a lace cardigan.

Seriously, just three things left! #almostdirtypile

So very close to the bottom of the #almostdirtypile!

Almost forgot to admit: Wore this from the #almostdirtypile. But just to Target. And to a massage. And to pick up a child at school.

This skirt is so totally almost at the bottom of the #almostdirtypile. Home stretch!

Still wearing clothes from the #almostdirtypile. Almost finished. Definitely a summer dress.

Or would a real boss go more aggressive and wear the ankle boots? #almostdirtypile

#almostdirtypile Corporate edition. Do I look kind of like a boss? Even a little?

From the almost-dirty-bit-not-quite pile. A scarf used as a head wrap for a glossing treatment.

Day 8! Wearing clothes from the almost-but-not-quite-dirty pile. We're down to the summer stuff. Next up: Cocktail clothes in the day time!

Day 7 of wearing stuff from the almost-dirty-but-not-quite pile. Home stretch! @gonzozblu

Day to night look, from the almost-dirty-but-not-quite pile.

Day 6 of dressing from the almost-dirty-but-not-quite pile. Tomorrow we hit the summer stuff and have to get creative.

Oops. I think it's a skirt?

Staying true to the challenge and wearing this vintage mumu (or whatever it is) from the almost-dirty-but-not-quite pile to clean house.

Getting closer to the bottom of the almost-dirty-but-not-quite pile in the closet. Day 5. @gonzozblu

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